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taking action on mental health at work

mad and sad club exists to improve the experience of people who struggle to maintain their mental health.

It was born out of lived experience, grew into an online community and now helps organisations understand, talk about and take action on mental health in the workplace.

With lots of talk about mental health, I help you take action. Clear, practical action to start conversations, create awareness and have a tangible impact.

Mental Health Awareness Week 2019

Join in the conversation on The Chat, Twitter or Instagram.

Download my free worksheet to help you start communicating around mental health at work.

Book your place on my mad and sad class on 29th May to start understanding, talking about and doing something about mental health at work. 

Mental Health Awareness Week offer: enter MAD20 at checkout for 20% off

If you are interested in working together, I offer a free 15 minute call to find out how I can help. If you know you want to do more around mental health in your organisation and want advice on how, you can book a one-hour advisory call with me for £99.

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You won’t find me on Facebook as it has a negative impact on my mind, but please do come chat on Twitter, connect on LinkedIn or join the club on Instagram

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