Come on pal, let's get wildly free


Free from the rules that don’t really exist. Free from the expectations that aren’t for us. Free from the pressure to do what society and capitalism expect of us. Free from the expectation that we’ll be small, pliant, meek, kind.

Let’s get wildly free to shout our brilliance from the rooftops. Free to watch Harry Potter in our PJs on a Tuesday afternoon. Free to get the healthcare you want and need. Free to be ourselves without fear, without shame, without guilt, without oppression.


I’m here to help you run – or amble – towards your wild freedom.


Hi, I’m Jo 👋

A freedom coach, a rule breaker, a permission giver, a desire chaser, a cheerleader, a wilderness guide, a space holder, and a right wee rebel. I want to help you make sure your needs are met, so you’re free to go after your wildest wants.

I want you to be wildly free. Whatever that looks or feels like for you.

You’ve got one wild and precious life my love (thank you Mary Oliver), I wanna help you live it.

Do you need help making sure your needs are met in life and work?

Or are you ready to run/amble/stagger/meander towards your wild freedom?

Come on, let’s get wildly free.

I’ve got space to work with 3 new pals right now.