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I started grappling with my own mental health in 2017, but it had been a long time coming and I had been unknowingly unwell for a long time.

It was a friend at work who clocked what was going on and diagnosed me with old friends – anxiety and depression.

Two breakdowns, three therapists, countless books, podcasts, pills and walks later, I had spent two years trying to manage my mental health alongside my Head of Communications job and was exhausted.

After 11 years in communications, I took redundancy in 2019 and set up mad and sad club to start working in mental health, by which time I was pretty much an expert in being mad at work.

I help people understand, talk about and take action on mental health at work.

I also write, speak and run an online community with over 700 members – come join the club on Instagram.

Why aren’t employers doing more to tackle the work-related stress epidemic? 

I’m interviewed on my experiences and my take on what organisations can do about mental health at work.

Stress at work

A guest blog for the IOIC as part of their #WeMatteratWork campaign.

What can internal comms pros do about the mental health of the comms industry?

A guest blog for CIPR Inside, digging into the CIPR State of the Profession report, showing increased levels of mental health issues in the comms industry.

How to communicate mental health awareness week 2019

Rachel hosts a post from me offering IC pros advice around mental health at work – includes one of my free worksheets!

Starting the conversation about mental health in the construction industry

A piece commissioned by the Chartered Institute of Building to help their members consider the mental health of their staff and what can be done about it.

From a dark place to finding the creative light

I shared my story with phenomenal creative agency Alive with Ideas, exploring the link between creativity and mental health. In writing this piece I realised that as my mental health improved, I have discovered previously unknown sources of creativity.

Happiful magazine, July 2019 (pg. 29)

Talking about the seemingly small, superficial things that count as self-care for me.

IOIC Voice magazine

Giving insight and advice on stress and overwhelm at work in the internal comms industry.

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