Let's light you up, friend

You have a fire inside you. 

You’ve been taught to smother it, dampen it down, keep it small, quiet, not to give it air. 

No more, friend.

Now it’s time to light it up. 

Whether yours is a lone candle flame in a dark room, a warming hearth fire, a beautiful bonfire or a raging wildfire – I see the power in you.

Now it’s time for you to see it too.

Step into it’s light and claim your power.

It’s time to rise.

Once you’ve found your fire, we’ve stoked it up, sheltered it from winds that threaten it and built it up, you’ll be free to rise with it.

You’ll be free to be wholly, honestly you in life and work.

You’ll be free to:

🔥 Trust yourself

🔥 Believe in what you have to offer to the world

🔥 Allow your brain to work the way it wants to 

🔥 Tend to the needs of your heart and health

🔥 Express the fullness of who you are

I started out helping you to build a business that is supportive of your uniqueness. I still do that – passionately, powerfully, compassionately. 

But I realised that your work, your business isn’t the whole of you. 

And I believe you’re wonderful, powerful, beautifully aflame as the whole of you. 

So if your flame is flickering, if external forces, voices, fears, expectations are threatening to snuff it out, I will help you find it and stoke it back up again.

I’ll always reflect your power back at you. 

I’ll support you to build the belief in your power yourself.

I’ll be excited for you, proud of you, kind to you, honest with you.

I’ll help you rise.

If you need support in finding and tending to your work flame, we’ll do that. 

We’ll work through my Heartwood Way of doing and running a business.

Using my Heartwood Way method (it’s that tree there), this is the journey we’ll go on together:

🙌 Acknowledge and listen to your needs
🙌 Understand how you’re wired – the tendencies that tell you how you really want to work
🙌 Together we’ll build each part of your business based on those needs & tendencies
🙌 Your offers, your boundaries, your capacity and pricing and who you want to work with


[you can find my workshop walking you through The Heartwood Way of doing business here]

Enough of being a star-shaped peg being shoved into a round hole. 

Enough of feeling like something is wrong with us, when it’s the environment, the society we’ve been in that’s wrong.

Enough of shaming ourselves, ridiculing ourselves, fearing what others think, feel and say about us because of our uniqueness.

It’s time. 

Time to step into the light of your power, feel it warm your soul and rise.

Hi I’m Jo. ✨

An Edinburgh-based, cat loving, patriarchy denying, ableism fighting firebrand. 🔥

A firebrand is a person who is passionate about a cause, or a burning piece of wood.

I’m both.

I am passionate about FREEDOM. 💥

You feeling free to be who you are in your life and work. Free from the confines of our patriarchal, ableist, racist society, that says you should be self-less, small, pliant, kind. 

That your needs should come last. We don’t believe that around here, chum.

This is the passion I burn with (along with a burning love of celltic history, rose 🍷, painted nails and strawberries) and I will happily, madly wave my burning torch aloft, ready to light the fire of those around me. 🔥🔥


It was like work therapy: challenging & beautiful.

Alex – Email marketing consultant for people into doing good

I have so much more clarity on what matters to me and a new sense of self-respect.

Teresa Sousa, Portuguese Translator

You have this brilliant blend of being non-judgemental whilst still challenging my thoughts around topics… even when I take 40 minutes to see the light!

Alice Benham, Business & Marketing Strategist

It’s totally changed my perspective – I’ve got fire back in my belly again.

Phoebe – Event creation & curation dreamboat

The biggest thing is giving myself permission to build a business around my love for creativity. It feels magical! My biggest a-ha moment was when Jo asked me to challenge the belief that I couldn’t make money from creative work. I realised I was just stopping myself from doing that because I thought it was true. Jo made me realise I was just holding myself back. You’ll learn so much about yourself in ways you could never imagine. You’ll also have Jo as your cheerleader the whole way through, celebrating your wins and nudging you to challenge your own negative thoughts. 

Fi Thomas – author and all-round wonder woman

How we can work together

Roar and Rise

Over three or six months together, I will help you recognise that you have everything you need inside yourself. That you are powerful. That you have powerful, beautiful, needed things to share with the world. That you are safe to be you.

  • Guided exploration questions
  • A 90 min session to start us off (or two 45 minute sessions within one week for my neurospicy pals)
  • 10 one hour video sessions in the six month package; 5 one hour sessions in the three month package
  • All of my audio affirmation tracks
  • Free access to my workshops
  • 30% off my Boundaries Bundle
  • Access to The Circle – my sister support group that is only for ongoing client pals and those who’ve worked with me before
  • Access to my six-monthly meet ups in Edinburgh for client pals

SIX MONTH PACKAGE: £600 per month or £400 per month if you spread the cost over 9 months.

THREE MONTH PACKAGE: £700 per month or £350 per month if you spread the cost over 6 months.

~ if you opt for the three month package and then choose to extend our work, you’ll pay £400/month for the package extension, so it works out the same cost as if you booked the 6 month package to start with ~ 

The Torch

This is for you if you need some help finding your flame; or rekindling it. Maybe you need some help sheltering it from winds that make it flicker, that threaten to snuff it out.

In this session we can delve into one of these things.

Whether yours is a lone candle flame in a dark room, a warming hearth fire, a beautiful bonfire or a raging wildfire – I see your fire. Now I want you to see it too.

It’s time to rise.

  • Guided exploration questions to get you thinking
  • A one-off one-hour session
  • A week of Voxer support afterwards
  • The audio recording of our session

£215 – 4 spaces each month

If you want to chat about which option is the right one for you, let’s have a free half an hour chat – all questions welcome, none too silly or small, friend.