Boundaries in Business Workshop

How to identify, set and communicate boundaries so you can feel FREEEEEE

Ohhhhhh boundaries.

I think establishing better boundaries with our work, our clients, our people online, ourSELVES is the topic I get asked about most often.

It feels scary to set boundaries. It sets off all of those scarcity fears.

‘What if I miss something important?’ ‘They’ll think I’m not on it.’ ‘I’ll seem unprofessional.’ ‘I shouldn’t be asking them to compromise.’

But y’know what boundaries really are?

They’re just ways of working and behaving.

And when you work and behave in a way that works for you, you are giving everyone around you permission to do the same.

Boundaries are FREEING.

What boundaries can give you

When you set and communicate some clear boundaries, you can go from feeling run ragged, a slave to your inbox and DMs, pulled in a hundred different directions to, well, FREE.

You can respond to emails and DMs at times that work for you.

You can channel the enquiries to your emails, rather than DMs, so they’re easier to handle.

You can decide what you will reply to and what you won’t.

You can decide how, when and where you engage with your clients.

You can give yourself more time, brain space and energy to focus on doing the work you love, rather than fending people off.

How we are gonna build and communicate them

Pal, I got you.

I’ll walk you through:

  • What those boundaries can look like
  • How to communicate them clearly
  • Some examples of rock solid boundaries
  • A boundaries check list
  • How to reinforce them in a way that feels like you if they’re pushed

Working with Jo to set some boundaries has been revolutionary in my business. My sole driver for building my own business is so that I can make more space in my life for joy, family and personal development. I had started to feel that my boundaries weren’t working as I was feeling more and more drained by my business. After a session with Jo where we dived into the areas I was feeling drained in and how I wanted those areas to operate – I came away with some clear boundaries that I implemented immediately. My business now feels more joyful again – and it’s all thanks to Jo!

Vix Meldrew, Founder of Grow & Glow and Content Creator

The nuts and bolts

  • A 90-minute interactive workshop and accompanying killer slides to help you take action
  • Prompts and templates to take away and action 
  • Simple steps to put solid boundaries in place that feel GOOD
  • Recording of the workshop to listen back to like a podcast any time you want