Claim back your time, energy and confidence with done-for-you boundaries

We all know we need to set boundaries in our business, right?

But it seems like a pretty big task. 

We’re not sure where to start, what to say, how to set them, how to ask people to stick to them.

Well chums, that’s where THE BOUNDARIES BUNDLE comes in! 

I’ve helped HUNDREDS of people set and uphold their boundaries in business and now you can get a set of done-for-you templates, from me, the Boundaries Queen (they said it, not me!) to set boundaries wherever you need them (I’ll help you figure that out too!).

You’ll be able to copy and paste, add a few words and set strong boundaries in your business super easily RIGHT NOW.


Strong boundaries that people will understand will give you:

More time
you won’t be responding to emails, messages, DMs at all hours

More energy
it won’t be being drained by people pushing your boundaries all the time

More confidence
that people want what you’ve got in the way you want to offer it

And they will give your people:

on what you offer and how

of what it’s like to work with you

for you and the way you want to work

that they can set boundaries that work for them too

What pals have said about my boundary setting help:

In The Heartwood Way - my way of doing business - our boundaries protect and give us our basic needs.

So, if you’ve got wobbly – or non-existent – boundaries, your needs will not be met.

Maybe you don’t have time for the quiet, the creativity, the exploring, the recuperation that you need.

Maybe you struggle to prioritise the things that keep you healthy and happy over work, family, life commitments.

Perhaps you’re not earning enough to pay for therapy or psychological or physical support.

Maybe you never get to spend time planning for and marketing  your own business, because you’re always focusing on your clients.

Having clear boundaries that are set for and understood by your clients will make it easier to give yourself these things and protect these needs.

THE BOUNDARIES BUNDLE is the first done-for-you product I’ve ever created. It comes after helping HUNDREDS of pals set boundaries in their business to help them claim back their time, energy and confidence.

In The Boundaries Bundle you’ll get template boundary-setting copy that you’ll be able to USE IMMEDIATELY to super simply set your boundaries in your:

  • Email signature
  • Auto responder
  • Out of Office
  • Sales page section
  • Client welcome pack section
  • Client agreement section
  • A set of Instagram Story Highlights

AND answers to quick-fire boundary pushing questions and messages from people:

  • In your online space
  • At work
  • Family & friends


The Boundaries Bundle is for you if:

  • You know you need and want to set boundaries, but you’re not sure where to set them
  • You want to uphold your boundaries, but you don’t know what to say when someone pushes them and somehow you always end up going with what they want
  • Maybe you have a chronic illness or a mental health condition and you have limited energy/spoons and you feel like you’re always spending them on other people
  • Perhaps you have a beautiful neurodiverse brain and calls cause sensory overload and energy drain, but you’re not sure how to get out of them
  • You kinda know that you want to set some boundaries, but you can’t find the words to set them in a way that feels good
  • Perhaps you feel like you’ve got boundaries in place, but they’re constantly being pushed and they need revisiting
  • You have it in the back of your mind that you need to set some boundaries, but you just can’t find the time to put them in place with clients, online, anywhere!

THE BOUNDARIES BUNDLE will give you ready-to-use wording to put some boundaries in place RIGHT NOW!


What people have said about my boundary help: