Claim back your time, energy & brain space and feel in control of your business


We’ve got pretty much no energy at the moment, right?

And what little energy we have feels harder and harder to protect. That’s because our boundaries are often at their weakest when we need them to be at their strongest.


It takes energy to set and uphold our boundaries.


Why is that??


Because we’re taught – especially as womxn – that we should be pliant, kind, helpful, frictionless, selfless.


But pal, boundaries properly set and articulated don’t drive people away, they draw the right people in.


People know what to expect from you, what it’s like to work with you – it gives them an idea if you’re the right person for them.


Cos if they want video calls on the loo at 11pm on a Thursday and you’re more of a Voxer until 4pm kinda gal….well there’s gonna be friction pretty quick!

So let’s go to Boundary School!

Over three months, I’ll teach you to assess and reset your boundaries with yourself, with clients & customers and with the interweb, so that you can have more time, headspace, energy and control in your business.

I’ll be there in your pocket every week with a weekly boundary clinic and personalised advice and feedback.

I’ll even be dishing out weekly gold stars to those of us who are upholding our boundaries like Kweeeeens!

Does any of this sound familiar right now?

I feel…...

  • Exhausted – all the time, I can never switch off
  • Like I’m a human jenga about to fall to pieces at the slightest push
  • Terrified of opening up my inbox – never mind those extra Instagram inboxes
  • SHIT
  • Like I’m taking on lots of extra work because I feel like I should
  • Like I have to reply to customer enquiries on Instagram in case I lose them
  • So incredibly frustrated because I know better! 
  • Like there’s no end or safety
  • Stress, insecure, doubting myself, lack of confidence
  • Chaos
  • Like I’m repeatedly being punched in the face
  • Overwhelmed
  • Angry at clients for contacting me on the weekends/evenings

I have….

  • Clients WhatsApping me and then chasing me in my DMs
  • Feedback coming out of my ears, over the course of days, weeks and months – always after the deadlines we set
  • Customers enquiring about my products on my posts – I just can’t keep track
  • I post on my stories that I’m working and get a bunch of questions back about whether I’m working on their stuff
  • People DMing me asking to pick my brain about the stuff that is my job….that I charge for so I can pay my bills
  • Customers trying to place or chase orders through Instagram, rather than my website
  • More work than I have hours for (there might be a pricing issue here, but also a boundaries one!)
  • This compulsion to work in the evenings and weekends cos there’s nothing else to do

We all just want to feel…….

In control and reassured that we know what we’re doing
That we have more creative time and space to do the fun stuff in our business
That our energy is in the right places
Able to take time off for ourselves, our family, our health
That there’s less risk that our time will be taken up unexpectedly 
Not worried about underperforming
Happy! With happy clients & customers
That we have all the time we need
That we have the headspace to plan and look after ourselves
Like we’re NOT being repeatedly punched in the face every time we open our emails, WhatsApp, Instagram DMs

Pal, if this sounds like you, I thiiiiink Boundary School can help you.

Pay what you can places

As with all of my programmes, there are Pay What You Can spots available for Boundary School. 

These places are for pals who identify as having a ‘protected characteristic’ under the Equalities Act (I know, I know, that sounds suuuuper jargony – it basically means if you identify as part of a group of pals who might be discriminated against).

The wee form that I ask you to fill in – linked below – explains it all. This is just to help me understand a bit more about you and your business. 

I will never ask you to ‘prove’ that you qualify – I trust you.

Once enrolment closes on Friday 26th Feb, I will let you know if you have a spot. I’ll then send you a link for you to pay what you can afford as the monthly fee – there is no minimum. We’ll then set up a recurring monthly payment for that amount for the three months of the programme.

So what the ruddy heck is Boundary School?

Module One:

Monday 8th March

Boundaries with yourself

  • Always find yourself working in the evenings or weekends?
  • When there’s nothing to do, do you pick up your phone or laptop?
  • Chum, it’s time to set some BOUNDARIES with yourself
  • This module is all about your own behaviour and helping you to make choices that support you

Module Two:

Tuesday 6th April

Boundaries with clients & customers

  • Clients & customers emailing, texting, WhatsApping, DMing? 
  • Feedback coming in dribs and drabs?
  • Always end up doing more work than you quoted?
  • Responding to customer enquiries in your DMs, on posts etc?
  • This is a meaty one – we’ll work through what boundaries you need with your clients & customers, how to set them and stick to them

Module Three:

Monday 10th May

Boundaries online

  • Does your hand go to pick up your phone without your brain engaging?
  • Find yourself waking up from a doom scroll sesh?
  • Get the same DMs or comments asking you the same questions that niggle you?
  • BOUNDARIES (sung to the theme of We Are Family) set the rules of how we play in your online space

Bonus One

Why setting boundaries is a feminist act

A private podcast between me and my coach Ruth Poundwhite about why it’s hardest for womxn to set and stick to boundaries, how that affects us in our business and how we can get fired up to set and enforce the boundaries we need.

Bonus Two:

How not to be a boundary bulldozer

A pre-recorded video lesson giving you the tools and understanding to make sure you don’t accidentally trample on anyone else’s boundaries. 

Let’s spread the boundary joy wider!


Daily support and weekly boundary clinics

We often know what’s best for us, but it can be so hard to do it

So you’ll be getting all the accountability and daily support you need in Boundary School.

You’ll be put into small Form Groups to support each other.

And you’ll be part of my Instagram Close Friends community where I’ll be answering your dilemmas and issues every Wednesday in a boundary clinic on stories.

Each week we’ll also have a gold star ceremony where we dish out the love for upholding our boundaries!

This programme will:

  • Give you a clear idea of what your boundaries need to be with yourself, with your clients & customers and online
  • Teach you how to set them
  • Help you communicate and get people to stick to them
  • Get you out of those tight spots in a way that feels good when someone is pushing your boundaries
  • Give you the accountability, support and encouragement you need to help you stick to those boundaries
  • Help you build the belief that it is not just OK but BLOODY BRILLIANT to set boundaries and stick to them!

The nuts and bolts

  • Three month commitment (this shiz takes some time to stick, pal)
  • Three modules
  • Two bonuses
  • Daily accountability in your Form Groups
  • Access to my Instagram Close Friends community
  • Weekly boundary clinics on stories
  • Weekly gold star ceremonies to reward us for upholding our boundaries
  • Graduation ceremony and celebration!

£195 per month for three months or £585 in one payment


Module One will be on Monday 8th March at 11am; Module Two on Tuesday 6th April at 11am; Module Three on Monday 10th May at 11am. 

Our Graduation Ceremony will happen at 4pm on Monday 7th June.

No probs pal, they’ll all be recorded. It’s great if you can attend live as you’ll be able to ask questions and get personalised advice and support, but we’ll also have our weekly boundary clinics for that too.

They’ll be run as Zoom video calls, but you don’t have to have your camera or mic on – I’ll be asking you to comment in the chat box so I can answer your questions and give you personalised support.

Once the programme starts, you’ll be added to my Close Friends community on Instagram, each Monday throughout the programme I’ll give you the opportunity to send me your boundary dilemmas and then on a Wednesday each week I’ll answer them on Close Friends stories. 

So you’ll get my advice, support and accountability to help you combat any boundary bulldozing going on for you.

So, when you enrol you’ll be put into a small form group of up to five pals. 

I decided to do this so that you guys have a small support group around you all the time to give you even more accountability and support when you need it.

In Module One class you’ll get a little outline of how to get the most out of your groups, but it will be up to you to figure out how to keep in touch in a way that works for you. 

Yes, you can ask me any questions you like in our three classes and our weekly boundary clinics, so you’ll get my advice and support on your particular boundary problems.

Yes, this is a three month programme, you can’t drop in and out.

As with all my programmes, I ask you to think carefully about your investment as refunds aren’t available. 

This is to make sure that you’re certain you want to invest this time and focus in yourself and to make sure that I can keep running my business as unexpected drops in income can be crippling – as we all know!