Pal, business doesn’t have to be so hard. It doesn’t have to be hard full stop.

You don’t have to put up with clients constantly waving red flags in your face.

Late night ‘just in case you haven’t seen my message’ messages.

Regular ‘oohh can you just do this as well’ awkward conversations.

Launches that leave you wrung out. 

Constant worry that you’re not doing enough/the right thing for people/the right way.

Late payments, cashflow stress and taking on all and any work.

I’ve been there and I get it. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

Let me show you how

You don’t KNOW what other people need. What time they want their calls. How many rounds of revisions they’re going to want. How they want to contact you. What they can afford. 

If you’re basing your decisions on what you think others need, you’re always going to be guessing.


What if we based your business on what YOU need and want?


I have started to really think about what I want my business to do for me, as well as what it does for my clients. I’ve started to give myself more permission, implemented boundaries that work for me and found so much more contentment in my work.

Sophie Cliff, The Joyful Coach

I now work 2.5 days a week on client work, 1 day working on the business and 1.5 days writing fiction. Honestly, I’d never have thought this was possible without our work together. It feels amazing to be here now.

Amber Badger, The Wild Wordsmith

I’m willing to bet that business feels hard right now because you’re doing it how you’ve always been taught work and business should be done.


  • Making sure you’re working five days a week and at least 6-7 hours a day or more like 9 (cos otherwise you’re lazy)
  • Putting the customer first (cos that’s how they will invest with us)
  • Working HARD (or you’re hardly working, right?)
  • Setting your prices so that people can afford you (cos everyone is struggling right now)
  • Pushing through the exhaustion, the anxiety, the fear (cos the only way out is through, eh?)
  • Waiting until you reach X milestone to go part time/pay yourself more/allow yourself to do that really creative work (because you must prove yourself before you allow yourself these things)


"I feel I have been given permission to live my life and run my business by a new set of rules." Laura, Tails of Tranquility

I'm on a mission to change the world of work, one small business at a time.

Let's start with yours.

Business Club is for you if:

You love your business, but…

  • Your business boundaries are squiffy and need a little firming up.
  • You just need more time, more energy, more time off
  • You want to run YOUR business for YOU – your life, your mind, your health, your happiness but necessity keeps getting in the way…
  • You want to build a sustainable business that doesn’t take it all out of you
  • You’re desperate to do more of what you want, but are held back by what you think you ‘need’ or ‘should’ do.
  • Your basic needs are at the bottom of your to do list rather than at the top
  • You’d love to feel more confident in your business (and life) decisions and learn how to trust your intuition without question
  • You’re ready for less overwhelm and guilt, fewer should do’s, no more boundary pushers & ridding yourself of client anxiety.


You want to hang out with a group of pals who inspire you, stop you feeling alone and help you give yourself radical permission to listen to and build  your business on your wants and needs.

What if you could:

  • Work two days a week in your business
  • Pay yourself enough to pay for therapy and other health needs
  • Say no to clients that don’t feel good
  • Accept your needs and meet them
  • Put yourself first in your business
  • Raise your prices confidently

This is what Business Club will help you do – whatever you darn well please.

Using my Heartwood Way (that tree. over there), we will spend six months together: 

Acknowledging and listening to your needs

Understanding how you’re wired – the tendencies that tell you how you really want to work

And together we’ll build each part of your business based on those needs & tendencies.

Your offers, your boundaries, your capacity and pricing and who you want to work with.

Pal,  you can work 2 days a week.

You can take naps in the day.

You can earn enough to pay for therapy.

You can let your brain be motivated by interest, not urgency.

We’re gonna build your business to fit your star shaped peg.


What you can expect

  • Two calls a month for six months  starting in early  September (we all need a Summer break!)
  • Structured workshops from me and guests 
  • A 1:1 session for you to take at any time during your time in Business Club.
  • A delicious collection of handmade welcome gifts
  • A private, supportive Instagram community packed full of wonderful, like-minded pals for weekly check-ins, opportunities to ask for advice and feedback and celebrations
  • AND for the first time an in-person meet up!  20th September in Edinburgh


  • A pre-recorded introduction lesson to The Heartwood Way – my approach to business that only my 121 pals and Business Clubbers get access to
  • Regular energy and inspiration boosters – have a wee listen to this playlist to give you an idea of the vibe we’re gonna create
  • Access to my Pricing for Positive Mental Health workshop with Steph Sanderson
  • Access to my Boundaries in Business workshop
  • Access to all of my one-off workshops for the duration of the Club
  • 30% off my Boundaries Bundle

Your investment:

£190 per month spread over 12 months or £250 per month across 9 months or £375 per month for six months. It's also possible to pay in one payment.


I offer a Pay What You Can Place (sometimes 2 if there is space) on each of my group programmes for pals who identify with any or all of the protected characteristics in The Equality Act. Find out more and let me know if you’re interested in one of these spots:


Calls will be at 2pm UK time on Wednesdays. Our guest session times will vary.

They’ll be held as Zoom video calls. I’ll ask you on the Monday before each call to fill in a document with anything you’d like to bring to the call and we’ll discuss those issues together. We might group similar themes together.

We will be able to cover around 6 topics or issues each call, if there are more topics than we have time for, we’ll either discuss them on the next call, or we’ll talk about them in our private Instagram community in between calls – either in our chat group or as a private live.

If you don’t have anything to bring to the call that week, that’s OK! 

There will be a maximum of 12 of us so I can give you guys all the support I want and need to 🙂

You’ll get access to the Pricing and Boundaries workshops straight away and the pre-recorded lesson on The Heartwood Way will also be available at the beginning of our time together.

Then you will also get access to any workshop I run in the six months we work together.

Once we begin our time together I’ll add you to our private Instagram group, where we’ll support each other between calls.

You’ll get as much support as you ask for – I ask you to always remember that it’s within your power to ask for the support you need. It will be there.

So you’ll have a one hour 121 session with me to use at any point during our time together. Something might come up for you in a call that you’d like to dig into more deeply, or you might want to work through a plan, a problem, a service – anything! – one on one with me. 

You’ll have a link to book this at the start of our time together and you’ll be able to book it at any time.

My 121 slots are on Tuesdays and Thursdays and you’ll be able to book through the Paperbell system you book the programme through.

Pal, I think doing this work when you’re starting your business can be real powerful. In past Business Club groups we’ve had people who are years in, people who’ve just started out and people who haven’t started their business yet and are working it all out.

If it feels like Business Club could be what you need, drop me a DM or book a free call and I’ll tell you honestly whether I think it could help you.

No, it’s definitely not a course, it’s a mentoring programme.

What that means is there isn’t a set programme/curriculum/process, we will tackle, talk about, support you in whatever you need at that time. You guys are in the driving seat.

I am DEFFO not going to promise you that this programme will make sure you hit £xk a month – I can’t promise you that and anyone who does needs to be questioned.

What I will say is that past Business Club pals HAVE earned more money, HAVE raised their prices, HAVE stuck to their guns on their pricing and HAVE grown their business.

It’s all down to you pal, but I’m there to support you, hold you up, squeeze your hand and remind you of how BLOODY BRILLIANT you are.

I get that this is a big investment for you, it’s equally a big part of my business income, so refunds are not available. 

So for both of our safety, I want to help you make an informed decision about whether this is the right investment for you. I will answer all of your questions, leaving the decision up to you. You can book a free call with me at any time to get any questions you have answered.

Please please only invest if you feel this is the right thing for you at the right time.