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IOIC FutureNet #WeMatteratWork event

I’ll be helping future Internal Comms leaders to create a mental health and wellbeing comms campaign based on a case study. 

Oli Howard, Head of Strategy and Development at CIPD and I will give feedback on their campaigns. 

We are also promised drinks in the sunshine!

mental health at work

Mental Health Matters At Work

I’m working with the Institute of Internal Comms to put on a one-day workshop to give Internal Comms professionals human insight and practical resources and advice they can implement immediately to have a tangible impact on mental health in their organisation.

To help you understand, talk about and tackle mental health at work

29th May: Understanding and talking about mental health at work

This small mad and sad class will help you understand and talk about mental health in the workplace so you can support your people.

You’ll hear directly from mad and sad club members to help you understand how mental health issues can affect someone at work. You’ll also learn about how communication can affect mental health and how to harness that power positively.

You’ll come away with:

  • A better understanding of mental health issues at work – how to spot the signs and how mental health issues can affect a person at work
  • Ideas and a template action plan to start talking about mental health at work – at an organisation, managerial and individual level
  • Tips and tricks to help you manage your own mental wellbeing at work

Suitable for IC and HR professionals or anyone with an interest in wellbeing at work. £199 per person.

Online: Looking after your mind at work

An online course to help you manage your own mental health at work. After you’ve booked your place, you’ll receive an email from me with a series of videos with accompanying worksheets to work through in your own time, whenever and wherever you like.

You’ll come away with:

  • The ability to spot the signs your mental health is slipping
  • Tools to help you pull things back when this happens
  • Insights from the mad and sad club community that helped them
  • Further reading and listening recommendations

I do need to charge for this course as it has taken me a lot of time to develop, but I’ve set it up online to keep the price as low as I can at £49 per person. 

Coming soon

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