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We know that taking action on mental health in the workplace is the right thing to do. Creating a safe and healthy environment for our people will not only help people to maintain positive mental health, but also increase productivity, passion and loyalty.

But, it’s a tricky one, isn’t it? Sensitive, personal, complicated. 

Where to start? 

Using my own experience of struggling with my mental health, while trying to thrive at work, I’ve developed a very simple model 

I want to help you take practical action on mental health in your workplace, here’s how I can help


Honest, straightforward advice to:

  • Help you figure out where to start, when it comes to tackling mental health in the workplace
  • Get your ideas into a plan
  • Equip you to have a strategic and impactful conversation with your leadership team about what’s needed

From £99 


Brutally honest, informal and insightful talks to:

  • Help you tell the story of why this is important to your leadership team
  • Get the tough conversation started in your organisation
  • Start getting people to think about what might support their wellbeing at work

From £1,750


Energetic, interactive sessions to:

  • Help your people understand how their mental health might affect them at work
  • Learn techniques to look after their minds and support one another
  • Support your managers to develop practical plans to support their teams
  • Tease ideas out of your people for your wellbeing strategy
  • Equip your Internal Comms and HR teams to create impactful communications and engagement campaigns to promote and support mental health at work

From £2,500 

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