I can’t remember how many Decembers I’ve careered into Christmas thinking ‘something has to change with work in the new year.’ 

And how many new years I’ve spent pushing that feeling aside.

After a bit of time to reflect over Christmas, it feels too overwhelming to try and pinpoint what isn’t working with work in the new year.

You’re working long hours, compulsively checking your emails in meetings, on the loo or in front of the tv and you’re just feeling burned out.

I’ve been there.

You may not feel like it, but you CAN change things. 

Whether we work for ourselves or the man/woman, there’s more within our own control than we realise. 

Compass will help you:

  • Break down what ‘boundaries’ are and why they’re important
  • Figure out which of those boundaries with work are wonky right now
  • Understand how that’s making you feel 
  • Walk you through how to figure out whether those things are in your control to change (spoiler – lots of things are!)
  • Give you a framework to understand what expectations have been set by your work/employer; and which have simply developed over time 
  • Help you put together a plan to make practical changes to improve your relationship with work
  • Support you to develop some better boundaries with your work to help you maintain positive mental wellbeing 

Compass includes:

  • An online group mentoring session on Saturday 1st February at 10am UK time (don’t worry, no-one will see your face! You’ll all see me, and there’ll be a chat box for us to talk throughout)
  • A replay of the live session in case you’re not able to make it on the night or want to watch back later
  • A reflective journal, shared beforehand to help you think through how different elements of your relationship with work are making you feel, what needs to change and what will have the biggest impact (you don’t need to do this before the session, but a bit of thinking time might help)
  • 50% off a one hour Inhale call with me to follow up and get those boundaries nailed- so a 1 hour call for £60 instead of £120 

Compass costs £37 

I’m not going to be all like ‘oohh places are limited, book now to avoid disappointment’ – no-one needs that!

Just know that I’d love to help you get into a better place with work and with your mind. 

What people said about Compass

“There were lots of new ideas that came up for me in the Compass chat and it became clear that I need to do some work on my boundaries and put a new routine in place around when I spend time on email/instagram DMs. There was a really lively discussion and a really supportive, collaborative feel from everyone on the call which made it feel like a friendly, safe space.”

“I loved hearing your perspective. The ideas were so practical and helpful, but you also acknowledge the feelings behind our patterns!”

If you’ve got any questions, please do email me or drop me a DM on Instagram – no question is silly, small or embarassing!

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