Be Free From Corporate Conditioning

Work your way & take back your time, brainspace, power and freedom

Be Free From Corporate Conditioning will now be running in March 2021, if you’d like to be the first to hear when tickets are available, pop your name on the wait list.

We leave employed life to give ourselves freedom, but so often we remain caged by the way we’ve been indoctrinated to think, behave and feel about work.

We don’t know how to run our businesses how we want and need to, because we just don’t know another way.

We know we don’t want to work 9-5; we know we hate emails and sound like a corporate robot without meaning or wanting to; we know we don’t want to just see our value or success in terms of what we earn; but we haven’t been taught any other way.

And the way we have been taught is so deeply ingrained into our psyche that it’s hard to see past.

Well pal, enough is enough. We’re gonna find that corporate (and patriarchal let’s not forget! More on that later) conditioning, root it out and chuck it out.

We’re going to uncover the ways WE want to be, think, behave, feel about work, we’re gonna listen to it and act on it. So that we have more time, brainspace, energy and FREEDOM.

We’re gonna run our businesses in a way that gives us the freedom we wanted, but haven’t yet found.

We leave employed life to give ourselves freedom, but we don’t allow ourselves that freedom. 

Because we have been taught that that is not a thing that we can have. 

That that is not the way the world works.

That that is not the way work works.

Our patriarchal conditioning around work tells us this. (Glennon Doyle sums it up perfectly in her book Untamed, which will be the course bible!)

Well, MOTHERFUCKIN’ NEWSFLASH PATRIARCHY, we can take that freedom. 

We will choose it for ourselves.

When we work for the man/woman, we’re taught that it’s not safe to acknowledge what we need, let alone ask for it.

We’re told:

  • What’s expected of us
  • What grade we’ve achieved
  • To be ‘well-rounded’ (what the hell is wrong with corners?!)
  • To be professional
  • That’s not how we do things around here
  • That having – and god forbid showing – emotions is not for the office

The end result? 

We question what’s wrong with us, not the environment we’re in.

And we carry a lot of these ways of thinking, ways of working and ways of feeling into our self employed life.

We leave our jobs to give ourselves freedom, but when the cage has set up shop in our heads, we struggle to allow ourselves to be free.

In this course we’re gonna take back your power, your freedom, your time, your brainspace so that you can:

  • run your business your way
  • work the hours YOU want
  • determine your OWN success
  • work in line with YOUR values and 
  • shed the shame, judgement and expectations that employed life teaches us.



Work and patriarchal power

  • A private podcast that you’ll get as soon as you sign up to get you fired up, excited and feeling empowered for the course starting in the new year.
  • This is a chat with Hanna Andersen of As We Are about the REAL history of the world of work – how it was built, who by and who for (I think you can guess who)


A welcome session

  • For this first session, we’ll meet everyone on the course and you’ll be put into small permission pal groups
  • Your group is there to support and inspire you and each week I’ll give you one question to discuss together to help you unravel this conditioning together
  • You’ll be given a bit of pre-work to get you thinking about how corporate conditioning shows up for you


Ways of Being

  • We’ll focus on your values and measures of success – how they’ve been dictated by employment and how we can shift our ideas towards what we really value
  • Unravelling the conditioning we’ve absorbed in employed life that it’s not safe to acknowledge, ask for or act on our needs 
  • PLUS A BRILLIANT BONUS: A recorded powerful guided meditation from Chloe Slade of Vibe & Flow to help you identify what success really means to you and how to move towards it


Ways of Thinking

  • Examining the TOTALLY OUT OF KILTER balance of power in employed life, how that shows up in our businesses and how to shift that balance
  • Digging deep into the judgement and shame we’ve been taught to feel – how that shows up in our ideas of ‘professionalism’ and expectations and how we can shed those feelings 


Ways of Working

WITH BONUS GUEST SESSION: Finding your own ways of working with planning GURU Josephine Brooks

  • Uncovering how our corporate conditioning means that we’re still stuck in the trap of working hours, routines and pricing that our employed lives taught us 
  • Josephine will teach us how to plan in a way that’s realistic, and create a routine that makes time for working IN and ON our businesses, as well as AWAY from them

Closing Empowerment Session and QandA

  • Another session where we’ll get to see each others’ faces to celebrate the progress we’ve made 
  • I’ll answer any lingering questions you might have about what we’ve covered
  • You’ll leave feeling fired up, empowered and ready to continue this work on your own

The nuts and bolts


  • Sessions focused on uncovering the bullshit and shifting our mindset
  • Worksheets to make it practical and help you take action straight away
  • Permission pal groups to share, support and work through homework with each week – you’ll keep in touch in whatever way feels good for your group
  • Three modules delivered live, webinar style, with replay 
  • Live intro and closing empowerment sessions as video calls
    • A conversation with Hanna Andersen on the ways ‘traditional work’ perpetuates the frigging patriarchy (you’ll receive this as soon as you sign up)
    • A recorded guided meditation from the dreamboat that is Chloe Slade to help you find your own version of success and move towards it (released with the replay of Module One)
    • A guest session with planning GURU Josephine Brooks to help you break the corporate ways of working and find your own




We’ve been built and conditioned to become reliant on a system that was not built by us, for us, or even with us in mind. Not only does this system not serve us, it’s actively damaging to us.

Enough is enough pal.

Screw the system. Let’s build our own system. 


What people have said about working with me

Question Time

The welcome and closing empowerment sessions will be run as Zoom video calls. Each module in between will be run webinar-style through Zoom – so you’ll be able to see me (and probably Gibson!) and chat to each other and me, but no-one else will see you. 

You’ll get access to a password protected course page, where the modules will be uploaded after each session. You’ll get a video replay, links to the workbooks and a reminder of the question to discuss with your Freedom Group.


The bonus guided meditation from Chloe will be here too, as well as your bonus intro module on patriarchal power and work. You will also get this one delivered to you in the confirmation email when you sign up.

In our welcome session I’ll pop you into breakout rooms so you can meet your permission pals, it will then be up to you how you keep in touch between sessions.

Each module, I’ll give you one question to focus on in your group, you’re also so so welcome to use them to support each other however you need.

When you work with me I focus on our thought patterns and emotions around work, as well as putting that into practice to change how you work day to day.

The thought stuff is important, as this is the foundation on which our behaviours and actions are built, but it will also be made super practical.

No, this is more of a course. There’s a clear structure we will work through, rather than it being moulded to whatever comes up.

You’ll be able to ask questions in each session though and there will be a Q&A in our closing empowerment session to make sure you can get everything you need out of our time together.

No, we’ll be working through this stuff as a group, although you’ll be able to ask questions at any time during our sessions so you can get advice for your situation.

Any work you do with me will always look at both the thought patterns and emotions we have around work, as well as the practical. 

People say that working with me often goes deeper than they expected, so you might end up confronting some old beliefs/thought patterns/experiences. Know that if you need support you will have it from your Freedom Groups and you can ask me during any of our sessions. 

Also know that if something feels too much at the time, you can always return to it as you’ll have lifetime access to the course.

Pretty much all the people I work with experience mental health issues, so all mad and/or sad brains are most welcome here! 

You know if you’re in the right place to start unravelling this stuff, but if you’re unsure, please feel free to drop me an email or Instagram DM and we can chat.

What people have said about working with me