Eight Weeks of Space

Understand your needs – build a business that honours them – make money with ease

or “two months of meeting a group of bloody brilliant humans who will surround you with pillows and blankets, but also call you out on your shit in a nice way” – thank you Kat for that description!

Eight Weeks of Space is now closed for bookings.

I will be running it again in late 2020, so if you’re interested – have a read below! 

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Right now

Your clients come first & you gotta work hard for them

You’re a slave to your emails and DMs – #boundaries – what are they?!

Which leaves you unable to do what you need, never mind what you want

You’re feeling exhausted, like you’re chasing your tail

Like you’re probably not charging enough for your time

You feel embarrassed, like you should have this all figured out

I hear you

We can build a business that truly works for you. That feels easy. That feels joyous.

That honours, respects and gives you what you need.

Work can work for you pal I promise

This should be compulsory for anyone who is setting up or already running their own business! We don’t start working for ourselves to lose our wellbeing beneath the day-to-day of juggling, but that can (I’d argue *will*) happen along the way. Eight Weeks of Space is the way to come back to yourself and to your business in what feels like the most supportive, kindly challenging way.

Bex Broad, Freelance Communicator

I did it and so can you

Coming from a corporate environment, where I’d spent 10 years building a wildly unhealthy relationship with work, setting up my business last year I wanted a clean slate. 

To have total freedom to design my work around ME first. To run my company in a way that supported my mental health.

A year later and I am super clear on what works for me, what doesn’t, what is triggering, what causes overwhelm. 

I’ve unravelled the unhealthy ways I’ve thought about work, straightened those thoughts out and translated them into the way I run my business.

I understand my basic needs and I’ve set criteria to help me decide whether a new service, a way of working, a client will allow me to meet those basic needs or infringe on them.

I have clear boundaries that I am happy to communicate (you’ll see them a bit further down this page!) and I’ve built a profitable business, quickly.

Work can work for you, pal. Promise.

The change you will see and feel

You’ll understand what you need and how to run your business to give you that. 

You’ll have the confidence to run your services in a way that works for you, rather than the way ‘everyone’ does it.

You’ll charge based on value, rather than time – ‘cos that’s a game no-one wins.

You’ll have straightened out those wonky thought patterns that always led you to overwork, under-value yourself, need validation from the outside to prop up your confidence, to believe that making work easy was shameful.

You will be able to choose you and your needs every time.

You will feel able to make money in a way that feels good and easy.

Because, let me bring you in on a secret…

it is not shameful to make work easy pal.

I learned that I can create my own model for work and that it can be focused on the easy and enjoyable things. I learned I am not alone in the struggle of being an entrepreneur and that we are all trying to figure it out. I have felt supported and guided all the time by Jo, who is a brilliant mentor, and by all the ladies in the group. I am inspired and encouraged. I believe more in myself and that I can make this happen.

Faby, Health & Wellness Coach

Somehow the programme has allowed me to normalise what I need from my business and how I work. Although I knew that I could shape my business as I wanted to before I joined, I felt I was constantly battling myself with it. I have a better understanding of why that was now and I’m starting to have a greater respect for what I need, as opposed to seeing those needs as a sign of weakness or failure.

Anna-Marie, Clarity & Self-Belief Coach

Our eight weeks together

Week One

14th July

Where the bloody nora are we, how did we get here and how are we going to get out of it?

Week Two

21st July

Straightening out our wonky thoughts about our self worth, value and our work

Week Three

28th July

Reflection Week

Let’s take a breath and see how we’re doing

Week Four

4th August

What needs to change in the day to day of our businesses to honour our needs and wants

Week Five

11th August

Creating your own model – examples of others breaking the mould

Week Six

18th August

Inside My Space special guest

How do others make their businesses work for themselves?

Week Seven

25th August

Second Inside My Space special guest 

Week Eight

1st September


Let’s keep the good stuff going

This is for you if

  • It feels like your business is running away from you
  • Your clients are dictating how and when you need to work 
  • When you really look at it, you can see you’re using work to prop up your confidence – giving yourself an inch and taking a mile (no judgement here pals, THAT WAS ME) 
  • Something in your business doesn’t feel right, is nagging at you, running round your head at night, but you’re not sure where to start to change it
  • You’re ready for honest advice from someone who’s been there 
  • You’re tired of trying to figure this shiz out on your own and just want some dedicated support from someone who gets it 
  • You’re ready to ask yourself some hard questions and be honest with yourself
  • You need to untangle those knotty feelings of self-worth being tied to your work and figure out how to change things to unknot them
  • You’re just done and are ready to make your business work for you

Within each Eight Weeks of Space group I offer one
pay what you can place. 

These places are for you if you identify as being part of a marginalised group, based on the Equality Act. 

What you can expect

  • Five two hour interactive workshops – where you’ll get 121 time with me as well as an audio recording afterwards
  • A week in the middle where we’ll take a minute and reflect on what we’ve learned
  • Two guest ‘Inside My Space’ sessions – to hear how they make their businesses work for them
  • Weekly check-ins and cheer ons – as part of my inner circle on Instagram. I’ll create a ‘close friends’ list and throughout the week I’ll check in to see how you’re doing, share tips, advice and inspo (no Facebook here pal!)
  • Support throughout on Voxer – we’ll have a group chat going, I’ll check in there throughout the week
  • If that sounds overwhelming to you, you don’t have to be part of the group chat – just let me know what you need
  • Five workbooks – that blend the right questions, support and exercises to get you really uncovering what isn’t working and what could make it work
  • A check in at the end of our time together – to share how people are getting on, what’s had the biggest impact, work through any issues that have come up and help keep you on track for the long-term

This is a deliberately small group – there will be a maximum of 10 people in the group, so that each of you gets 121 time with me and we all feel safe, supported and understood.

Your place costs £519 or three payments of £175.

Bookings close 5pm Wednesday 1st July.

If you have any questions at all, please just drop me an email on: jo@madandsadclub.co.uk

Keeping it going

My first group of pals are still going!

None of us wanted the work to stop, so I created an optional three month extension: Keep it Going.

This is totally optional and we’ll discuss how it works and if it’s right for you as we near the end of our eight weeks together.

I feel like I’ve been given a permission slip to stop running my business the same way as other people, or the way I think it ‘should’ be run. I feel more confident about my rates and starting new projects to  fulfil my own needs as opposed to just what my clients want/need.

Fi, Freelance Writer & Author


I didn’t fully understand how much I correlated ‘working’ with ‘having every single one of my boundaries pushed and basic needs trodden on.’ I now have such a huge feeling of possibility.

Kat, Photographer & Writer

I learnt about connections between my past experiences, my thoughts, feelings and work patterns that I never expected to find – and more than that, beyond work and in my life. It’s given me a new understanding of why I’ve made certain decisions in the past and how to reframe and reset things so I don’t take those into my future. It’s enabled me to break chains that have been binding me and fully step into who I want to be now in my business and in my life overall.

Laura, Messaging Mentor & Creator

My promise to you

  • I’ve been there pal. I know that it’s sometimes easier to see the problem than the solution
  • This is eight weeks of intensive support for a small group of us – the most intensive way to work with me right now
  • I’ll be the helping hand that also gently nudges you in the right direction
  • I will be lovingly, but totally honest with you – we’re not going to get to the bottom of this stuff by pussy-footing around
  • I’ll let you into the behind the scenes of my business, so we can learn from each other
  • I won’t just talk at you – in our weekly workshops you can get advice on the issues that are coming up for YOU 
  • It’s not all talk – it’s action too. I’ve designed this to help you sort out your mindset and thought patterns AND the way you run your business in practice. Mindest stuff is super important, but I want to help you translate that into action – which can sometimes be the hardest part
  • I’ll share a wee smorgasbord (that’s how you spell it, right?) of ways to support yourself and your mental health as part of your day to day work
  • I’m not a therapist – if I feel like you need support that I’m not able to offer, I will tell you lovingly and point you in the direction of where you can find it

The nuts and bolts

  • Eight weeks of intensive support and guidance with a small group of pals
  • Five live workshops with me
  • Five workbooks  – personalised to your own thought patterns in week two
  • Two guest sessions to give you an insight into different ways/models of running your business
  • A group support chat on Voxer, where we’ll support each other with the work we’re doing
  • Kindness, understanding, honesty, a supportive hand on your shoulder and a raised eyebrow to question you when it’s needed

£519 or three payments of £175

Bookings close 5pm Wednesday 1st July.

Please invest with intention pals, refunds are not offered on this programme.

Lets build a business that works for you

I would love love love to support you.

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