Four Weeks of Space

How to manage your mental health at work when you're self employed - to give you the time energy and space to live how you want

Four Weeks of Space is now closed for bookings

I will be running the programme again in late June.

If you would like to put your name on the wait list for the next round

  • Working ALL the hours, late nights, weekends
  • Feeling out of control, like your business is running away from you
  • Your brain’s telling you that you should be able to figure this out alone
  • Getting that all-important validation from work – pushing you to work more. And more.
  • Missing out on holidays, date nights, bedtime, time outside/reading/meditating/journaling

Sound familiar? Oof I hear ya pal.

Let’s change those feelings by deliberately building your business in a way that supports your mind, life and health.

Coming from a corporate environment, where I’d spent 10 years building a wildly unhealthy relationship with work, setting up my business last year I wanted a clean slate. 

To have total freedom to design my work around ME first. To run my company in a way that supported my mental health.

A year later and I am super clear on what works for me, what doesn’t, what is triggering, what causes overwhelm. 

I’ve unravelled the unhealthy ways I’ve thought about work, straightened those thoughts out and translated them into the way I run my business.

I have criteria to help me decide whether a new service, a way of working, a client will support my mental health, or undermine it. 

AND I’ve built a profitable business, quickly.

You DON’T HAVE TO give up on work, success (whatever it means for you) to be healthy and happy. It’s not a zero sum game.

I know that if I give myself an inch, I will take a mile. I’ll work and work and work, to give myself the validation I need.

And that’s not healthy for anyone.

So I have developed ways to stop myself before it gets too far.

I’ll share them with you in Four Weeks of Space and hold your hand along the way as you figure out what’s right for you.

Running my business in this way has given me the SPACE I need to do what keeps me healthy and happy. 

Those are ridiculously simple things –

  • reading every day during ‘working hours’
  • having a slow morning
  • cuddling my cat
  • going for a long walk every week. 

And now I want to help you find that space, time and energy for yourself. Remember pals, it’s not EITHER you look after your mind OR you run a profitable business. 

You can do both.

Let’s figure out how.

You’ll be part of a small group – max 10 people – and get a really high level of support and encouragement from me.

Maybe you want time to fit in your regular journaling practice that never seems to be at the top of the list and so falls off it.

Maybe you know that spending more time with your family would make you a hundred times happier.

Perhaps you know you LOVE one aspect of your business, but you don’t get to spend the time on it you want to because of all the other gubbins.

Maybe you never take breaks or holidays and deep down know that’s leading you to burnout. 

Maybe you need more brainspace to consider what you need in your life.

You want this stuff AND you want to run a profitable business.


You might just need to make some changes.

Those changes might seem totally overwhelming right now, but I’ll guide you through them.

This is for you if

  • It feels like your business is running away from you – dictating how and when you need to work 
  • When you really look at it, you can see you’re using work to prop up your confidence – giving yourself an inch and taking a mile (no judgement here pals, THAT WAS ME) 
  • Something in your business doesn’t feel right, is nagging at you, running round your head at night, but you’re not sure where to start to change it
  • You’re ready to hear honest advice from someone who’s been there 
  • You’re tired of trying to figure this shiz out on your own and just want some dedicated support from someone who gets it 
  • You’re ready to ask yourself some hard questions and be honest with yourself
  • You need to untangle those knotty feelings of self-worth being tied to your work and figure out how to change things to unknot them
  • You’re just done and are ready to make your business work for you 

My promise to you

  • I’ve been there pal. I know that it’s sometimes easier to see the problem than the solution
  • This is four weeks of intensive support for a small group of us – I’ll be there to guide you through the thinking, reassessing and action
  • I’ll be the helping hand that also gently nudges you in the right direction
  • I will be lovingly, but totally honest with you – we’re not going to get to the bottom of this stuff by pussy-footing around
  • I’ll let you into the behind the scenes of my business, so we can learn from each other
  • I won’t just talk at you – in our weekly workshops you can get advice on the issues that are coming up for YOU 
  • It’s not all talk – it’s action too. I’ve designed this to help you sort out your mindset and thought patterns AND the way you run your business in practice. Mindest stuff is super important, but I want to help you translate that into action – which can sometimes be the hardest part
  • I’ll share a wee smorgasbord (that’s how you spell it, right?) of ways to support yourself and your mental health as part of your day to day work
  • I’m not a therapist – if I feel like you need support that I’m not able to offer, I will tell you lovingly and point you in the direction of where you can find it

I’m running this course in a way that works for me. Both because well, you gotta walk your talk right?!

But also because I want to show you that you CAN put yourself first, run your business in a way that supports your mental health and also do great work!

Week one

31st March

How the bloody hell did we get here and how are we going to get out of it?

Week two

7th April

Unravelling the knots of our thoughts around work to detach our self worth from our business

Week three

21st April

What needs to change in the day to day of our businesses to make us healthier and happier

Week four

28th April

Putting it into practice – telling clients, setting boundaries so you can keep it going


A week for mulling and eating Easter eggs (w/c13th April)


More below on what that support looks like


Inside My Space Guests

Alice Benham

I want to give you an inside look at what it’s like to run your business in a way that supports your mind.

You’ll of course be able to poke around in my business, but I’ll also be bringing in two special guests…..

Our first special guest is Digital Marketing Coach extraordinaire, Alice Benham!

And the second is business mentor to quietly ambitious humans Ruth Poundwhite!

Ruth Poundwhite

What to expect

Four Weeks of Space

  • Spoiler, it’s not just four weeks!
  • The four week bit is the intense bit – we’ll have four 90 minute workshops together starting 31st March, with a week for mulling over Easter (14th April)
  • The online workshops will be really interactive – so being there on the day will help you get the most out of it, but you’ll get a replay of each session as well if you’d rather watch quietly
  • Weekly check-ins and cheer ons through Instagram – I’m going to be honest here, I HATE FACEBOOK. It makes me so anxious and overwhelmed, so you’re not going to get the classic ‘supportive FB community’
  • Instead, what you’ll get is to be part of my inner circle on Instagram. I’ll create a ‘close friends’ list and throughout the week I’ll check in to see how you’re doing, share tips, advice and inspo to help you work through the stuff
  • We’ll also set up a group chat on Instagram for the month. I’ll drop in there three times a week (#boundaries people!) to see how you’re all getting on and answer questions
  • If that sounds overwhelming to you, you don’t have to be part of the group chat – just let me know what you need
  • A workbook each week that blends the right questions, support and exercises to get you really uncovering what isn’t working and what could make it work
  • Weekly homework (I could call it ‘action points,’ but let’s just call a thing what it is!)
  • A reunion one month after we finish together, to share how people are getting on, what’s had the biggest impact, work through any issues that have come up and help keep you on track for the long-term


The Deep Dive

Want to go deeper?

For those of you who want more time and access to me, to give you even more personalised support, I’ve got three places available for what I’m calling


You’ll get all of the Four Weeks of Space stuff, plus:

  • Two 60 minute 121 calls with me to use as and when you wish
  • We could use these sessions to help you uncover what’s underneath any particularly scary thoughts or worries that are coming up for you; to think through how you would practically implement some of the changes you need to make; or to keep you on track after the course ends
  • A day of Voxer support – this is basically where we send messages back and forth to each other for a whole day to work through ALL THE THINGS. It’s kind of like WhatsApp but separate (again – #boundaries !)
  • Whether what you’re stuck on is mindset, or the practical stuff, I’ll help you unblock it – it’s basically like a 121 session that lasts all day! (although we’ll both be doing our own work around it, so y’know, gimme time for lunch and a tea break every now and then!)

I’m only offering three Deep Dive places, because I want to make sure I can offer you the support you need and not massively overwhelm myself!

Four Weeks of Space is now closed for bookings

I may run it again later in 2020, if you would like to put your name on the wait list for the next round

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