A Hug and A Nudge

Six weeks of support to do the things that support your mind, leaving your brain calmer and quieter

Hug & A Nudge starts on 28th March – Bookings are open until 5pm Weds 23rd

Looking after our mental health is as simple as knowing what helps and doing it.

But a lot of the time, that simple process is anything but.

We’re plagued with fear that we don’t know what helps.

When we’re in that storm of emotions, we can’t remember what helps.

Perhaps we feel guilty for doing what helps, because it isn’t what we’re ‘supposed’ to be doing.

Maybe we feel like we don’t deserve to give ourselves permission to do what helps.

I know you’re tired right now, that you need a bit of a helping hand to do the things that support your mind. 

That’s exactly what A Hug & A Nudge will give you.

A Hug and A Nudge will give you exactly what it says on the tin

A knowing, loving hug. A whispered ‘I get you, I hear you, I am here for you.’

And then a gentle, but oh so needed nudge in the right direction for you. A little prod in the back that says, ‘Now do the thing.’

Over six weeks I’ll help you figure out what helps you get back on that even (ish) keel and work through some of the blockers stopping you from doing those things, so that you feel calmer, quieter and happier.

What it looks like

Six weeks of email notes from the heart; audio support full of honesty, advice and calm; and worksheets to help you turn your thoughts and plans into reality that helps you.

You’ll be able to start right away with week one in your inbox as soon as you sign up.

Week One

I know how easy it is to forget what helps when our minds are tangled, jumbled & overwhelmed. 

This week we’ll lay those foundations and create a list of things that you can return to time and time again.

Week Two

Something in you says you don’t deserve to feel better.

I’m here to tell you that you do.

We will unpick some of those thoughts and start to straighten them out so you can give yourself permission to do the things that help.

Week Three

We’re all busy, especially right now. 

So it’s hard to find the time to look after our minds.

This week we will find those pockets of time – however long or short they are – and figure out what self care superchargers you can do in the pockets.

Week Four

Do you feel bad choosing to do something that makes you feel better, rather than something ‘productive?’ Does that feel selfish?

This week, we’ll work on getting rid of that old, harmful belief and start believing that looking after ourselves and being a good business owner, mother, sister, partner are not mutually exclusive.

Week Five

It can be scary to think that some of those go-to coping mechanisms might not help any more.

We’ll work together in week five to build our belief in what helps.

We’ll also figure out how to test if something is helping and how to find other things to replace the things that aren’t as powerful anymore.

Week Six

This isn’t just about giving you six weeks of support, I want to help you create a routine that helps you continue to look after your mind.

I’ll leave you with the tools to keep this shizzle going throughout the year.

For £75 you will get:

  • An email note from the heart on the weekly theme every Monday
  • An audio note full of calm, quiet and support every Friday
  • A weekly worksheet or two to help you unpick some of those wonky thoughts and start taking action to support yourself
  • Six weeks of loving support and little prods to get you doing what you know helps your mind
  • A brain that is calmer, quieter and happier, with the tools and a plan to help you get yourself back there any time you need



This is for you if

  • You’re feeling overwhelmed, you’ve got that racing mind that won’t stop, that keeps you up at night
  • You have an idea of what helps quieten it, but you just can’t actually do those things
  • You don’t have any idea of what helps!
  • There’s a voice in your head that says you shouldn’t be doing those things – you should be doing something more ‘useful’
  • You feel a sense of guilt when you think about spending time and energy on you
  • You get distracted by the hard or ‘productive’ stuff and the stuff that helps just perpetually falls to the bottom of the list
  • You want and need a sense of calm that you can return to, but you just can’t find it
  • You have a niggling feeling that maybe you don’t deserve to do the things that help, to feel calm

Pal, you do. I’m gonna help you.

My promise to you

  • I get it. I really do. I have been there – multiple times. 
  • Over and over and over (do you get that I get it?!)
  • I will be that loving friend who listens, hears and supports you
  • I’ll give you a little soothing hug through the internet
  • But I’ll also help you take action to support yourself 
  • I’ll give you a loving nudge in the direction that’s right for you
  • You’ll get those hugs and nudges each week through email notes from the heart, audio chats full of calm and worksheets to help you do the stuff that helps
  • Together, we’ll work through those thoughts that get in the way of you doing what helps your brain

What people said about A Hug & A Nudge

I wanted to say how much I appreciate the programme and how much of a difference it has made for me at this really challenging time. Thank you, I truly don’t think I would have made it this far without a burnout without your guidance and voice in my head.

Georgia Gray

A fantastic 6 weeks of support – thank you. I didn’t realise how much I needed it until I was in the moment reaching for it. I guess that’s the biggest compliment I can give.

Georgina Conde