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Grow with Soul Podcast – episode 54

I chat to simple, intentional marketing guru Kayte Ferris about my business – she gave me so much fantastic advice about how to value myself and what I do.

Starting the Conversation with Alice Benham & co – episode 

I chat to marketing & business expert Alice Benham.

The Business Proposal Podcast – Season 2 episode 26

I chat to two lovely pals, Rachel and Ellie about how to work with your mental health, including anxiety, depression and overwhelm and – the elephant in the room – mental health in the midst of a crisistime. 

Clear Desk VA Podcast – episode 15

I chat to Natalia Sanders VA mentor, OBM and content-addict about the importance of outsourcing, running a business and the anxiety that trying to do it all yourself can bring.

The Breathe Like A Badass Podcast – episode 27

I chat to Hannah Thompson about how to make work work for you (without sacrificing success, or going too mad).

Make A Plan, Make It Happen Podcast – episode 68

I chat to Josephine Brooks a lot about boundaries – how to set and stick by them, creating routines to help you make the most of your mental energy each day and detaching your self-worth from the results in your business.

Rethinking The Work Environment Podcast – season 2 episode 6

I chat to Modern Day Rebels, aka Julia Franckh and share an eye-opening look at how we trade our time for money, what an alternative way of working can look like, and how you can manage your mental health at work.

Quarter Life Confident – episode 35

I chat to Sim of Quarter Life Confident about working in a way that supports your mental health, breaking free of corporate conditioning and the small but mighty tweaks you can make to feel better about work.

The Co-Working Club Podcast – episode 57

I chat with Jessica Berry founder of The Co-Working Club about How to Ditch the Corporate Hangover, why the ‘traditional’ ways of working are so ingrained within us and how to break free from corporate conditioning, why boundaries are SO important to implement within your business to support your wellbeing as well as why pricing based on time is such a no-no!

Digital Discussions: Unfiltered – 

We chat all about the world of mental health and how Mad and Sad Club came about.


Why aren’t employers doing more to tackle the work-related stress epidemic? 

I’m interviewed on my experiences and my take on what organisations can do about mental health at work.

What it looks like when therapy works

Did you know you can break up with your therapist? I didn’t until two therapists in – I share my experiences with Happiful Magazine.

Stress at work

A guest blog for the IOIC as part of their #WeMatteratWork campaign.

How to communicate mental health awareness week 2019

Rachel hosts a post from me offering IC pros advice around mental health at work – includes one of my free worksheets!

How do you find a job that won’t send you around the twist 2020

What can internal comms pros do about the mental health of the comms industry?

A guest blog for CIPR Inside, digging into the CIPR State of the Profession report, showing increased levels of mental health issues in the comms industry.

Starting the conversation about mental health in the construction industry

A piece commissioned by the Chartered Institute of Building to help their members consider the mental health of their staff and what can be done about it.

From a dark place to finding the creative light

I shared my story with phenomenal creative agency Alive with Ideas, exploring the link between creativity and mental health. In writing this piece I realised that as my mental health improved, I have discovered previously unknown sources of creativity.

IOIC Voice magazine

Giving insight and advice on stress and overwhelm at work in the internal comms industry.

Happiful magazine, July 2019 (pg. 29)

Talking about the seemingly small, superficial things that count as self-care for me.

Hello Happee

Hello Happee Interview

13 Questions 

What it looks like when therapy works, November 2020

Talking about the seemingly small, superficial things that count as self-care for me.

A Happy Chat Interview at Happy Communications

Talking about Covid, pivoting and working during these times.

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