Kind Words

What people have said about working with me

Jo you’ve unlocked my dreams for my life and business and are my biggest cheerleader making me think anything is possible. 
My biggest aha was when Jo pulled out the 4 stages of my client’s journey from my ramblings.
Jo is the best coach I’ve ever worked with. I needed you back in 2018 when I invested in a coach who really shouldn’t have worked with me then!
I think I’m jo’s number 1 fan. I am soooo continuing with Jo after our initial 6 sessions as I want her on this journey with me.


Viv Guy

Jo has given me a better understanding of what I need to make any business I want to run, work for me, my values and the life I need and want to live. Previously there was still a mismatch between what I was feeling and what I was doing. I may not yet have all the answers ‘how’ but I have a fundamental sense of what’s important in making things happen.
My biggest a-ha was well, several, but the one that comes to mind is that mismatch as mentioned above, along with realising I need to go ‘off-road’ and start exploring the possibilities that lay there, as opposed to in a more conventional business model.
Don’t overdo the thinking, just do it! If you can relate to Jo’s message or feel drawn to working with her, follow that nudge!

Jo’s openness, honesty and realism about the challenges we (and you) face and how it is possible to overcome them in a healthy, positive, happy and different way.
I can’t wait to be in a position when I can work with Jo again! x

Anna-Marie Holmam

My business works for me! I have a better understanding of what that looks like and how my mindset / beliefs have played a role in not working for me in the past.
My biggest a-ah moment for me it’s definitely the ongoing realisation that my business is at its best when it works for me and that my worth has 0 to do with the hours I put in / the things I sacrifice in the process.
Jo will hold space for you to explore your (likely wonky) beliefs and thoughts around work and help you to see what it looks like to build a business that works on your terms. You’ll enjoy what you do more and you’ll be a better business owner because of it!
You have this brilliant blend of being non-judgemental whilst still challenging my thoughts around topics… even when I take 40 minutes to see the light!

Alice Benham

Being able to face fears of being visible on line and showing up more as myself, realising that my quirks make me unique and its ok, some confidence around setting time aside to work on things I love as well as allowing myself time to disconnect, or to indulge in reading for an hour without feeling guilt around work
My biggest a-ah moment was that I’m more supported than I realised, and that time spent on myself is time well spent to feel more focused and ready for other tasks
Jo is a Super Pal, one of those friends who nudges with direction and care, as well as cheering you on

Hello Bright April

The biggest thing is giving myself permission to build a business around my love for creativity. It feels magical!
My biggest a-ha moment was when Jo asked me to challenge the belief that I couldn’t make money from creative work. I realised I was just stopping myself from doing that because I thought it was true. Jo made me realise I was just holding myself back.
You’ll learn so much about yourself in ways you could never imagine. You’ll also have Jo as your cheerleader the whole way through, celebrating your wins and nudging you to challenge your own negative thoughts.

Fiona | Fiona Likes To Blog

I have gain so much more confidence to run my business on my own terms and in a way that really supports my needs and my mental health. Jo has help me re-discover my passion in my business and re-connect with what I really want to do with it to serve others and look after myself in the process. Jo has taught me many lesson and opened my eye to possibility. I have changed deeply from a person that was worried to run my business how I thought it “should” to embracing running it in the way its best for me, and that way it will be best for my client too. Thanks so much Jo!

My biggest a-ha moment was when I realised I was pursuing the ‘shoulds’, and that I needed to pursue my own wants and passions. Also with Jo’s help I discovered that if writing wasn’t my strength, video content is something that I can definitively grown into, and can be my best way of communication.

If you are looking for someone to help you get connected with your purpose and make it work for you so you can shine in your own light, Jo is the girl! She’ll help you discover how to run your business being true to yourself and breaking out of the silly standards and structures that we have bought into. Freedom in your own business, therefore in your life!
Her honesty, transparency and how real she is. I loved that she walks her own path and is passionated to help others do the same.

Faby | Wellness Fab

The way I view the impact work has on me. It’s now know I’m not supposed to have a bottomless well of energy from which I can work and earn money. It’s all flow, and there are a multitude to influence the currents within it.

My biggest a-ha moment was realising I don’t have to be at the whim of a long-term client; I am just as in charge of the relationship as they are.You will feel supported, listened to, and experience perspective shifts you wouldn’t have otherwise had. Big, impossible changes in how you approach work will become less scary and start to happen with much less friction.

Bex | Rebecca Broad

Talking things through with you has helped me massively shift from everything being in my head to getting into action.

Everyone running a solo business needs Jo in their life. I’ve worked with her over the last few months and every call is like a comforting hug as well being so brilliantly right for me in terms of what might be next for my business. She scribbles away while I’m talking and then always hits the nail on the head with her “I noticed when you said…”. I don’t know how she does it but she can always get to the heart of what you’re thinking, often before you realise it yourself.
The way you get it and your general fuck this shit approach 🙌🏻

Louise | Every September

Eight Weeks of Space

Because of EWoS I’m more able and willing to see and stop working in ways that arent good for me noggin’.
If you want a want practical support to help you get a handle on all the worky things that make your feel wobbly, then EWOS is for you. I thought that it would be too advanced for me as I was only just starting out but the content was really helpful regardless of the experience you or your business have. My head wondered whether I would get ‘that much’ from EWOS as my work also focuses on mental wellbeing in work, but my belly was telling me that I 100% needed some support. Listen to your belly. I got a heap of support from the course and a whole lot more. Just because you help someone else doesn’t mean you always help yourself. Jo is a lovely but firm kick in the arse and helped me unpick many wobbly beliefs I had me, my work and my worth. <3

Katie | KDP Coach

Because of EWoS I am now working on thinking about every biz decision through the question “is this going to allow me to, or help to allow me to, live the life I want, or prevent it?” I’ve made the conscious decision that I’ll only work with people who make me feel valued, excited and confident that things will run smoothly. Whether it is with a client or a supplier. I feel a lot more confident that I can make this work in a way that empowers me and doesn’t make me feel drained. I want to find ways to make money that work for me, and I now have the tools to ensure it.

Do it and put the work in. You have to be willing for change to get results but it is OH SO REWARDING. It’s very easy to think in abstraction about what your ideal life is but with Jo you will actually look at the practicalities of it, what needs to change, how to change it, and why. It makes the change possible and if that isn’t already amazing, you’ll make biz friends who are on the same wavelength as you and how refreshing is that!

Sarah | Tiny Sarahs Cakes

Because of EWoS I feel like I’ve genuinely become kinder to myself and more accepting of where I am. At the beginning of the programme, I was putting so much pressure on myself. I was so incredibly anxious and using my perceived ‘failures’ as sticks to beat myself with. By the end, I was seeing that the work I was doing was important ground work, things that aren’t visible to the outside work but that are totally important. I realised that it is not all about performing on social media – I need to give myself time to evolve and soul search. I also realised that I could give myself permission to tell Facebook to get fucked which was extremely liberating!
Do it. Jo attracts the most beautiful humans and you will gain so, so much from working with her. She is kind, open-hearted and Uber smart and perceptive. She will call you out on your bullshit, give you a massive virtual cuddle and make you feel like you can do anything.

Marie | By Marie Elizabeth