This is where you can get your little mitts on all of my fun-sized support.

My workshops, trainings, products and courses.

They will help you start to take steps towards making your business work better for you and your brain.

Enjoy pals!

Reflect + Refresh

The Reflect and Refresh bundle will guide you through a powerful reflection on where your mind and business are at, help you see the small, simple steps you can take to support yourself, and open your eyes to a way of business that puts your needs first.

You’ll receive two pre-recorded workshops via email to work through at your own pace.

Gift yourself a moment to reflect and refresh your relationship with your business.


The Boundaries Bundle

Done-for-you boundary setting copy for your website, social media, email, client agreement. A boundaries starter pack if you will!

£195 or two payments of £99

A Little Bit More

Exactly what it says on the tin – a little bit more of my content and advice each month. Monthly Q&As, monthly vlog and weekly card pulls and journal prompts.

£13 per month

The Heartwood Way Workshop

A 90-minute workshop that introduces you to the way of doing business that I developed to put your needs at the root.

Boundaries in Business Workshop

A 90-minute workshop that walks you through:

  • What boundaries can look like
  • How to communicate them clearly
  • How to reinforce them in a way that feels like you if they’re pushed


Pricing for Positive Mental Health Workshop

A 90-minute workshop with wonderful Steph of Innovate and Thrive Co, which will teach you how to get out of the time = money trap and price based on value.


A Drop of Calm Workbook

A downloadable workbook that will walk you through setting up a mental health action plan for yourself to help you look after your mind.


A Hug & A Nudge

A six week programme of email letters, workbooks and audio notes from the heart to help you to get back to doing what supports your mind.

The six weeks of support starts whenever you purchase.