Pricing for Positive Mental Health

Getting out of the time = money trap and pricing based on value

Pricing is tricky, right? It feels like the only tangible thing we can base our prices on is our time.

But y’know where that leaves you? Over working pal.

Working all the hours and still not meeting your income goals.
Always feeling like you need to work more.

And y’know what that leads to? Burnout.

But pricing based on time is not the only tangible way!

In this workshop, we will figure out how and why to move away from that model and what method you can use instead.

Who we are

You know me

I’ll talk you through why pricing by the hour or day is bad for our mental health. What wonky thought patterns that perpetuates and how we can break out of them by thinking about value first.

Steph Sanderson

I’ll guide you through my pricing methodology, which ensures that you’re covering all time, expenses and goals AND considering your worth,  the value to your clients, and your position in the market. We will build a clear and intentional business, built on value.

This is for you if

  • You’re not sure what to base your prices on
  • You tend to fall into pricing based on time
  • You feel like you’re not earning enough or not charging your worth (what even is that?!)
  • You feel like there is never enough time
  • You want to change things up, but you’re not sure how
  • It feels like you’re plucking prices out of thin air
  • You want an injection of advice and support
  • You want to be able to take action straight away

What you can expect

  • 90 minute online workshop replay
  • Two rounds of email support to answer your questions as if you’d attended live
  • Advice and support on how to change your mindset around your pricing
  • Practical advice on how to shift the way you set your prices
  • Worksheets to take away to put stuff into action straight away
  • A replay of the workshop if you can’t make it live

After purchasing you will be taken to a page where you can access the workshop replay and download your worksheets.

You will also have two rounds of email support from me so I can answer your questions as if you were live attending the workshop live!

Just drop me an email after you’ve watched

Pay what you can spots

We both know that the ‘coaching and mentoring industry’ can exclude lots of great pals from marginalised groups. 

So we’re offering Pay What You Can places to those pals who identify as being from a marginalised group and would love to attend but can’t afford the full price right now.

You won’t be asked to provide any proof, you won’t be asked how much you can afford, we just ask a few questions about your business. 

What people have said about working with us

mental health retreat

Working with Jo has been a game-changing investment and has triggered so many positive shifts in how I’m doing things.

Alice Benham, Digital Marketing Coach

I feel like I’ve been given a permission slip to stop running my business the same way as other people, or the way I think it ‘should’ be run. I feel more confident about my rates and starting new projects to fulfil my own needs as opposed to just what my clients want/need.

Fi Thomas, Freelance Author & Writer of Out of Office

Your pricing methodology gave me clarity and gave me the confidence to charge an increased amount.

Julia Aspinall, TVEA Ltd

The whole process was so incredibly empowering and valuable. It made me completely rethink how I present the value of my packages. I’ve recommended you to so many people – this is the puzzle piece that so many businesses are missing!

Danielle Garber, Be More You