mental health at work

‘Doing something’ about mental health is daunting.

Whether you work in Internal Comms, HR, Wellbeing or Health and Safety, it feels complicated. Personal. Sensitive. Confusing.

What can you do? 

What should you do?

I know the impact that simplicityhumanity and empathy can have.

The most powerful conversation someone has ever had with me about my mental health was to simply say: “I don’t think you’re OK.”

That person wasn’t ‘qualified,’ hadn’t been trained. They set aside their fear of doing the wrong thing and said something very simple and empathetic. 

It had a huge impact on me. It made me realise I wasn’t OK. I started to learn about what might be going on, how I could help myself, what treatment was available. 

That was two years ago this month. 

Now I want to help you harness the power of a simple, human approach in your organisation. 

I have limited places available for a one-day, interactive workshop on 26th June. 

mental health help

In this one day workshop, you will:

Get insider insight into how your mental health can affect you at work – from mad and sad club members

Hear human stories about how communication at work can impact your mental health

Work together to understand your audiences, what might resonate with them and build a plan to take action on mental health in your organisation

Come up with ideas to put into action straight away to start to have an impact on mental health at work

Explore how you can look after your own mind at work 

Hear from Nicola how communication can impact your mental health at work

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