this is the first step

The first step to reducing the overwhelm. 

A step along the road to better (or some!) boundaries with work.

One foot in front of the other, taking you towards a way of working that doesn’t leave you dreading it on a Sunday night.

This is a collection of stuff I’ve developed that can help.

Sound good? Brill. Read on chum.

Ready to get stuck in and want more support? 


Compass workshop

A two-hour pre-recorded workshop and reflective journal to help you assess and reset your boundaries with work. You can work through this workshop at your own pace.

Compass will:

  • walk you through what boundaries are
  • help you assess which of yours aren’t making you feel good and which would have the biggest impact to change
  • develop a plan to build some better boundaries – whether that’s with your phone, social media, your clients, boss, team or yourself

Your investment: £37

what people said about the Compass workshop

Four weeks of space

This is four weeks of intensive support for a small group of self-employed people. 

We’ll work through the thoughts, thought patterns and practicalities that you need to allow you to work in a way that supports your mind AND lets you live the way you want to.

You don’t have to choose between your mental health, your life and your business. You can have both. Let’s figure out how.

I’ll also be releasing an ebook as an introduction, for those who aren’t quite ready to dive deep into this right now, but want to know where to start.

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Reflective journaling guide

A free guide to help you reflect on your month/week/day and figure out:

  • how you felt about it
  • what felt good and what was hard
  • how you want to feel next month
  • and therefore, where to focus

want more bespoke support

That’s exactly what I offer through my mentoring. Come take a look.

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