How to set boundaries on Instagram

I ruddy love Instagram. It’s the one social media thingie that brings me joy. 

BUTTTTT I need and have set some pretty clear boundaries on Instagram to help it remain that safe place for me and my mad mind.

If you’re feeling like a bit of a slave to your DMs; like you just can’t see another little red dot with a number in; like opening up the Gram stresses you out, please pal, let’s set some Instagram boundaries.

I’ve got three ways to set them there boundaries:

How to set boundaries on Instagram tip one: Create a boundaries highlight

There is no point setting a boundary if you’re the only one who knows about it chum.

As uncomfortable as it might feel to begin with, you gotta show people what they are.

One super easy way to do this is through a highlight on your profile that says ‘boundaries.’ 

This doesn’t have to be all preachy and finger waggy, it can look and sound just like you. Think of it as showing people what they can expect from you and letting them know what you expect from the people in your space in return.

Take a look at lovely Vix Meldrew’s – we worked together to put this together after Vix saw a big ole influx of new followers and started to feel a bit overwhelmed and stressed by the Gram.

Tip – if you periodically add to the highlight, it will always stay at the left hand side of your profile and easily seen by everyone.

Vix Meldrew Boundaries Instagram

How to set boundaries on Instagram tip two: Set up quick replies

If you struggle to keep up with your DMs, or if you often get DMs on the same topic, Instagram quick replies can be a game changer.

Maybe you’re a baker who gets a ton of DMs asking about orders, yet you need all orders to be done through your website or email? Or maybe you’re a blogger and brands keep messaging you about potential collaborations and they always get lost in you busy inbox?

Pal, this is where we assert our boundaries.

That can feel a bit….icky. AND it can take loads of time to keep having to re-write the same messages to people! 

ENTER…..quick replies.

Go into your DMs and open one up.

Look in the box where you type your message – there’s a little plus button.

Click on the + and then the three dots in a speech bubble.


Now you can write and save full messages to common DMs and add use them easily by picking a shortcut word.

Voila. Hours back.

Quick Replies Instagram Boundaries

How to set boundaries on Instagram tip three: Tell people about them!

Boundaries are there to protect us. To protect our brains from triggering things, things that stress us out, things that take up our time unnecessarily, things that we just don’t want to be doing.

But to make any ruddy difference, we gotta keep enforcing them.

What does that look like?

  • Someone DMs you to ask about an order? Use that quick reply asking them to email you. I know it might feel like it would be easier to just answer, but before you know it that boundary is eroded and you’re spending your quiet time in the bath answering order queries in your DMs
  • A new follower comments disrespectfully on a grid post? Tell them that isn’t tolerated and remind then where your boundaries highlight is so they can understand how we do things around here
  • Someone drops into the ole DMs to ask you to do a thing for free? Point them towards your boundary highlight which explains why you can’t afford to work for free
  • Client asking you on Instagram about your availability? Use that quick reply that gives them the link to your calendar

Want some help putting your boundaries in place on Instagram and in your business?

This boundary stuff can be hard, I get it.

That’s why I’ve put together my Boundaries Bundle – a set of done-for-you boundary setting wording for your marketing, your emails, your clients – everything!

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