How Sophie Cliff Made Her Business More Joyful

Sophie Cliff is The Joyful Coach, she is a qualified coach and positive psychology practitioner, who helps brilliant people like you live their most joyful lives, whatever that looks like for you.

Sophie joined Business Club in 2020 for 6 months of saying NO to the should’s and YES to running her business with her needs at the heart, where her financial AND psychological safety went hand in hand.

Sophie was dealing with a lot when she joined Business Club, running her business and starting her Masters and taking some time off.

She didn’t want to fall back into bad habits and set bad boundaries. She stripped back her business while she was working on handing in her Masters, by working only on her one-to-one coaching and she planned out her programs in advance to see how she could make her business work while she was in this busy period.

When we talked about taking a break during Christmas, it opened Sophie’s ideas up to how she could use these same ideas for her summer break too. You don’t have to be sick to take time off nor do you have to be spending that time stuck on the sofa inside. Aka restorative rest.

Before, when she looked back she was working with up to 20 clients, running multiple programmes. Every minute in her calendar was booked up.

But with signing up for her Masters Sophie couldn’t see where she could fit in the time to do the work needed for it. 

A joyful and spacious business for Sophie looks like taking a step back, having the space to dive deeper and wider in her business to see what she could do and whether she wanted to. Along with making more time for hobbies and downtime to rest and read and spend time with family.

Sophie super kindly thanks her time in Business Club for helping her to reassess her business and what she wanted and needed from it.

Watch the replay of the Instagram live below 👇

“You hear a lot of talk and theory about how to run your business differently and here I've seen people do it - it's given me examples, shown me it's possible and that it's psychologically safe.”

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