I need some help

This…thingie is now closed, but I’m leaving it here so you know what I’m all about when it comes to working with a pal 🙂


I NEED HELP (we knew that already right?)

Bear with me, I want to do this a bit differently.

Chums, business is busier than it’s ever been, which is great, but it’s leaving me feeling a bit overwhelmed.

I’m getting myself all tied up in knots doing the things I’m not good at and those things are getting in the way of me doing the things I am good at.

I get stuck trying to sort out Acuity, the back end of my website, keeping important spreadsheets up to date.

And that stops me from helping people figure out how to run their businesses in a way that supports their brains – which as you know is my mission in life!

SO….I need help.

As you probably also know, I’m not a ‘status quo’ kinda gal. I think ‘traditional’ ways of working are just ridiculous and established to benefit people and systems who aren’t us!

So forgive me for doing this a little bit differently.

I’m not looking to employ someone, because honestly that feels a wee bit stressful for me. I’m not looking to buy a certain number of hours of someone’s time, because I don’t believe that time equals money.

I’m looking for someone to work with – I want us to choose to work with one another.

I know that doesn’t really fit with the way things are normally done, so if this whole thing hurts your brain, I totally get it, close that tab right now!

But if the idea of working together in a slightly different way sounds intriguing and freeing to you….read on pal!


I want us to choose to work together – there’s no power dynamics here, just two people who want to work together to help people feel a bit less mental about work.


  • care how long it takes you to do a thing – I imagine you’ll be much quicker than me at the things I find hard, that’s valuable to me!
  • care when you do it – but pal, I don’t ever want to think that you’re working late because of or for me
  • need to see your CV – don’t give a toss what GCSEs you got chum
  • want a bunch of Trello boards – this level of organisation genuinely stresses me out (it’s an anxiety – control thing – if you know, you know!)


  • really want to work with someone who gets mental health stuff – those with mad and/or sad brains are VERY MUCH welcomed here
  • need to change plans if my brain is not in a good place
    want you to do that too – it’s not just OK, it’s very much expected and welcomed!
  • need someone who can just pick up stuff I can’t do and run with it
  • want to know what stresses you out – this is about reducing my overwhelm AND yours!
  • want this to be enjoyable work for you – I’m not about perpetuating hard or boring work
  • work with pen and paper and spreadsheets – #analogue


This is basically a collection of stuff that’s important to my business, but that I am either shit at or that overwhelms me.

So this is the stuff…


  • Managing the back end of the website – uploading blog content; managing comments; adding new services/ products
  • Some light SEO stuff (I don’t know what this means, really)


  • Managing and updating Acuity
  • Managing contacts in Mailchimp; scheduling emails to different groups


  • Researching SEO-able titles and keywords for blog ideas
  • Helping to brainstorm content
  • Designing IG story & grid templates in Canva


  • Some light budgeting (#spreadsheets)
  • Writing up client notes
  • Making sure client data is all GDPR-safe

As I’ve said before, I am NOT ABOUT perpetuating that time = money gubbins.

So I’ve looked at what I need help with and thought about the value to me and the business of getting support with this stuff.

The value I’ve put on this is £500 per month.

I AM ABOUT paying you fairly. So, if this doesn’t feel like a fair exchange to you, tell me!

This…thingie is now closed, but I’m leaving it here so you know what I’m all about when it comes to working with a pal 🙂


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