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Does work have to make you mad and sad?

Can work be a place that you want to go to, where you’re supported, healthy, happy and thriving? That’s what I’m trying to find out with my new podcast – A Place to Thrive.

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My mental health

How to use your phone more mindfully

At the time of this being published, I am in the country of Georgia, experiencing an enforced digital detox. So it seemed an apt time to share my advice on how to use your phone in a way that can support your mental health.

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at work

Fear’s a bitch

Fear is one of the emotions that comes up the most in my workshops, events, talks and conversations with people about mental health at work. I’d like to offer you some reassurance that you needn’t be fearful, and some advice on how to overcome that fear.

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mental health at work

How to take a strategic approach to mental health comms

I’ve written before about the pros and cons of awareness days, weeks and months for mental health in the workplace. For internal comms practitioners, one of the cons is that it encourages a ‘tactics first’ approach. In this post I share some advice for taking a more strategic approach to communications around mental health at work.

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