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best mental health books
My mental health

Five best mental health books

I noticed that there’s not a lot online that compiles the best mental health books, so I thought I’d take a stab at a list of recommendations here.

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mental health at work
My story

Starting with why – working in mental health

WHY do I do what I do? Because I believe there is so much that people and organisations can do to have a positive impact on people’s mental health at work and we’re all getting caught up in the perceived complicatedness of it.

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at work

What a difference a year makes

I’ve been featured in the Daily Telegraph talking about mental health at work and it’s got me thinking about what a bloody difference a year makes.

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at work

Resilience at work: I am not a piece of nylon

The CIPD Wellness at Work report found that 32% of organisations were offering resilience training to support the mental health of their staff. I asked the mad and sad club community for their reaction. Spoiler: they didn’t love the idea.

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