This quarters' mad goals and your help please

Jo Hooper

I’m one of those people who needs structure. I like routine, plans and goals. Without them, I feel a bit lost. Adrift in a sea of half thought-through ideas.


Since setting up my own business at the start of this year, I’ve really struggled to find a planning and goal-setting structure that works for me. That was until I was coached by the fantastic Josephine Brooks.

Project Manager turned business coach, Josephine is my kinda girl. She’s produced a fantastic wall planner and method of setting, managing and reviewing goals, which totally struck a chord with me.

So, I’ve set my goals for the next quarter and I wanted to give you the inside scoop…. in return for a bit of help – more on that later!

My goals

I decided to go for a manageable three goals – anyone who’s heard me speak knows I love the power of three – and I spent some time breaking these down into their smallest chunks and plotting them out over the next three months.

  1. Get into a regular routine of content: I want to provide useful, thought provoking content to get you thinking about all things mental health at work. I’m always chattering away on Instagram (@madandsadclub if you’re interested!); those of you who are part of the club newsletter (you can join here if you’re not already on the list!), will know I write to you once a fortnight; if you’ve visited this blog before, you might have noticed that I publish one blog a week. If you haven’t – check out the other recent blogs below to give you a feel for what you can find here.
  2. Launch a podcast: more to come on this soon, but myself and fellow proponent of healthy, happy workplaces, Jo Hall, have some exciting news on this to share soon (no, it’s not going to be called The Jo Show!).
  3. Create two toolkits for HR and IC professionals: And this is where you come in!

Toolkits – what, how, why us?

In my workshops, I provide lots of worksheets – whether those are workshops for managers, internal comms professionals, or HR practitioners. 

Worksheets that help people understand how their people’s mental health might affect them at work; that guide them to have confident, human and empathetic conversations about mental health at work; and that help them to take action – whether that’s to talk to someone they’re worried about; create a strategic engagement campaign; or implement new ways of working to support people.

But, not everyone can take a day out of the office to attend a workshop? I know that I would have to think really hard about taking time out of the office. 

So, I wanted to provide all of this advice and insight for people without them having to attend a workshop. I wanted to create a starter pack to give people the insight and tools to take action themselves.

These will be downloadable packs that I’ll host on my website.

I’d like to create one toolkit for internal comms pros and one for HR teams. And to  make sure these are useful and solving problems that real people have, I’d like to ask for some real people volunteers to form a test group.

I’ll share some ideas with you and ask for your feedback, you’ll get early access to the prototypes in return for your honest feedback. And you’ll get a free copy of the toolkit when it’s complete.

If you’d like free access to these new resources and are happy to be part of my test group, please get in touch at: 

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