The Heartwood Way

Build a business with your needs at the heart

Do you want another way to do business?

A way that puts YOUR needs first?

That is exactly what The Heartwood Way is all about.

YOU are the heartwood, the core, the centre of your business.

YOU are the heartwood, the core, the centre of your business.

And your needs are the roots. The anchor from which everything else grows, the system that nourishes you.

Your business should nourish you, not take from you.

The Heartwood Way is a guide, a suggestions of how you can ensure it does.

The Heartwood Way is modelled on an ancient Yew tree, with a beautiful complex, knarled trunk, deep foliage you can get lost in, shelter under and observe so much life in.

I worked with wonderful illustrator Imogen Partridge to bring The Heartwood Way to life.

I developed The Heartwood Way to illustrate my way of doing business and the journey I take client pals on that truly puts their needs and wants first.

This workshop will give you an introduction to The Heartwood Way and you’ll come away with:

  • An understanding of The Heartwood Way and how you can use it to guide your business
  • Prompts to help you figure out what your real needs and wants are
  • A set of decision-making criteria to use to make sure every decision in your business puts your needs first
  • A way to set your capacity and pricing to stop you from overworking
  • A practical walk through of how to use your needs to set your boundaries
  • A clear vision of who you want to work with
  • A digital print of The Heartwood Way to act as a daily reminder

The workshop will take place at 4pm UK time on Thursday 26th August and a replay will be shared afterwards.

Tickets cost £45

This is the heart of my business and I want to invite you in

What people have said

I have started to really think about what I want my business to do for me, as well as what it does for my clients. I've started to give myself more permission, implemented boundaries that work for me and found so much more contentment in my work.
Sophie Cliff
The Joyful Coach
I feel so much clearer on my boundaries - what I need them to do be, and how I can put them into action. I've finally settled on an approach to pricing that works for me as well. I feel braver in my decisions and also trusting my intuition. Since working with you, I have actually turned clients down as I knew they were not in line with my values. I trusted my gut. I've never done that before.
Amber Badger