Build a business that meets your needs

YOU are the heartwood, the core, the centre of your business.

And your needs are the roots. The anchor from which your business grows.

And you deserve to have your needs met.

Because when your needs are met, you’re free to want. 

This 90 minute training guides you through a process of building your business in a way that meets your needs, is sustainable and builds your self-respect.


I worked with wonderful illustrator Imogen Partridge to bring The Heartwood Way to life.

The Heartwood Way uses the metaphor of an ancient Yew tree.

🍃First, we begin with the roots of the tree which represent our needs. I guide my clients to identify what they need to stay happy, healthy, and well. In particular we consider what is necessary beyond only their financial needs.
🍃Then we move to the trunk of the tree, which represents the “What”. We get really clear on what it is the folks I work with do, and especially what they want to do. We focus on clearing away the narratives about what they should do, or what they have always done, and instead get really clear on the work they crave.
🍃From there, we move on to the branches of the tree which represent the “How”. In this phase we explore the boundaries that need to be set in order to protect my clients and their needs. We also talk about “How Much” and establish a pricing structure that honours my clients’ capacity and financial needs.
🍃Finally, we explore the “Who” and get crystal clear on who my clients want to work with that will respect all of these other elements and be a good fit.

As a Freedom Coach, rule breaker and right wee rebel, I’m proud that this approach flips much of the traditional business wisdom on its head. Instead of starting with the customer, we start with ourselves, and our needs, to ensure our work is sustainable and meets our needs.

You’ll come away from this training with:

🙌An understanding of The Heartwood Way and how you can use it to guide your business

🙌Prompts to help you figure out what your real needs and wants are

🙌A set of decision-making criteria to use to make sure every decision in your business puts your needs first

🙌A way to set your capacity and pricing to stop you from overworking

🙌A practical walk through of how to use your needs to set your boundaries

🙌A clear vision of who you want to work with

🙌A digital print of The Heartwood Way to act as a daily reminder




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