Do you feel stuck, lost, blocked, like you need a good hug and a gentle shove?

How about having me in your pocket for the day?!

Helping you get shizzle done, create momentum in a way that feels good and easy?

Calling you out when you’re getting in your own way and helping you move forward?

Checking in with you, cheering you on and nudging you in the right direction for you?

Well pal, let’s do it!

What an Untangle day feels like

It’s been good to have done focused, protected time today. It’s been lovely. Lots of journaling and ideas and progress and decisions!

Sarah Robertson, Brand Designer

How it works

On a Tuesday and Thursday I work with two people all day through Voxer.

Voxer is like WhatsApp, but better – it’s a separate app so we can both retain our #boundaries; you can listen to voice notes as they’re being recorded; and you don’t have to share your phone number, so it’s super secure.

Before you book, I’ll ask you what you want to work on together.

First thing in the morning, I’ll ask you a few questions to hone in on what we’re going to achieve together.

Throughout the day I’ll give you action to take, you can check in with me and let me know how you’re getting on, what you’re getting stuck on and we can work through it all together.

By the end of the day you will have made some massive steps forward in your thinking, your action and your business.

Easy steps! Steps that feel joyful!

And I’ll be holding your hand and prodding you in the back the whole way.

This is for you if

  • You just keep getting stuck in one pesky thought pattern and want some intense support to move past it
  • You’ve got a project, service, or idea you want to develop in a way that works FOR YOU
  • A one hour call just wouldn’t be enough
  • You’re maybe not ready to commit to a mentoring package
  • You just can’t find the course to get you doing the thing
  • You think I can help you with a thing and you want more of my time
  • You enjoy cat photos from me and Gibson – left (not mandatory)

The nuts and bolts

  • Access to me on Voxer from 9.30am – 5pm
  • As much text and voice back and forth as you want (y’know within reason – we’ve all gotta wee and eat!)
  • Me guiding you through the day with my classic ‘sometimes difficult’ questions and super clear action steps
  • Time to take action, ask for help, let me know how you’re getting on and ask all those niggly questions
  • Me cheering you on ALL DARN DAY
  • Our chat saved in the app for you to come back to whenever you want

Ps. don’t worry about not knowing what to say or where to start, I’ve got you and will be asking you all the right questions throughout the day to get you thinking deep and taking action.

£450 or two monthly payments of £225
Four slots per month