Work Less, Earn More

Give yourself better balance, more freedom & more income

Pals, I know you want a better work-life balance (we’ll talk later about why that phrase makes me feel a bit 😫). 

I know you want to have more freedom, more fun, more joy, more time with your family, more travel, more LIFE.

But I also know that you’re scared that if you work less, you’ll earn less. That you’re worried that people won’t pay more. That you feel like you need to work hard to deserve to earn good money.

You’re not sure where to start in setting your prices, raising your prices, how to say THE ACTUAL WORDS to your clients.

So let me help

Over nine weeks I’ll help you build your confidence so you believe you can work less and earn more.

I’ll show you how to set your capacity, move from pricing by the hour (that puts a ceiling more solid than glass on what you can earn) to package pricing, how to raise your prices, how to say goodbye to bad clients so you can make way for good ones.

And I’ll give you the mindset support to feel that you deserve it and can do it, as well as the practical tools to put this into action.

I’ll give you a clear plan of action and all the tools to make it happen.

Are you ready to feel like these pals?

“Since we worked together I have had my most successful business year to date. I managed to go part time in my business for a month in 2020 and haven’t really worked ‘full time’ (in the traditional sense) ever since! Financially, I feel much more stable. I have lots of blank space in my diary which is more valuable than any amount in the bank, it gives me time to live creatively which is what brings me joy!”

Fiona Thomas, Writer & Author

“I now work 2.5 days a week on client work, 1 day working on the business and 1.5 days writing fiction. Honestly, I’d never have thought this was possible without our work together. It feels amazing to be here now.”

Amber Badger, The Wild Wordsmith

For you this could look like...

  • A day a week for therapy and looking after your wellbeing
  • Working half days so you can spend more time with the small people
  • A month off to travel and explore
  • A day a week to learn new skills
  • Rest and recuperation time after each client
  • Fun days built into your calendar every month
  • Time every morning to potter in the garden (just me??), that you don’t need to get up early for

Before we start the course, everyone will get an ‘dreaming module’ – a guided audio visualisation and prompts to dream about what a life with less work and more money could look and feel like. Then we’ll spend nine weeks together making that a reality.

Starting on Tuesday 3rd May (and Mondays thereafter), we’ll have bi-weekly lessons, which mix mindset and practical action.

The weeks in-between we’ll have co-working sessions so you’re taking action as we go.

There’s even the option to have nine weeks of 121 support from me to get my advice, support and feedback.

I’ll help you prioritise, know where to start, stop stalling and feel supported to take action to work less and earn more.

Nine weeks of a powerful mix of mindset shifts and skills development to give you better balance, more freedom and more income


1. Setting a healthy capacity & saying bye to bad clients

  • MINDSET: Why working less is not lazy; you deserve to work with clients who respect and care for you; what makes a good client
  • SKILLS: How to set healthy capacity; how to manage bad clients; how to part ways with clients
  • TEMPLATES: Capacity plan; bye bye process; email/script to part ways

Outcome: Have a process and the tools to set your capacity and to sack bad clients

2. Boundaries for balance

  • MINDSET: Why you deserve to set boundaries; how boundaries can win back time; why boundary-setting is not selfish
  • SKILLS: How and where to set them
  • TEMPLATES: Email to clients; welcome pack & website copy

Outcome: Know where and how to set boundaries with existing clients

3. Moving from time --> package pricing

  • MINDSET: The impact of working by the hour/day; moving away from a broken system
  • SKILLS: How to set a standard 3-package system; how to move existing clients over
  • TEMPLATES: Package outline; email/script to move existing clients over

Outcome: Have the outline of packages and templates to roll them out to existing clients

4. Building the confidence & ability to RAISE YOUR PRICES

  • MINDSET: Why you deserve to earn more; building your confidence; why affordability and value are different 
  • SKILLS: How to raise your prices; how to tell existing clients; considerations
  • TEMPLATES: Script to tell existing clients; copy to tell potential clients

Outcome: Have a plan, the confidence and the tools to raise your prices


  • An intro module to dream about what you want 
  • Four co-working sessions to take action
  • Weekly audio affirmations & journal prompts
  • Templates to make it easy
  • Action lists to get started
  • A month of my A Little Bit More content
  • A reunion Q&A one month later

5. Making a sustainable plan for change

  • MINDSET: How to maintain the feeling that you’re safe to make changes
  • SKILLS: How to prioritise changes; what order to tackle them in
  • TEMPLATES: Plan of action to implement everything!

Outcome: A plan to put all of this into action in your business over a period of time that works for you

Let's feel like these loves

“I now build so many things into my business that make a difference to my mental wellbeing: not starting calls until 9am most of the time, taking a weekday off each month to get out into nature, limiting my calls to certain days per week. You really pushed me to think bigger than I naturally would with my pricing – something I usually help my mentees with but that I struggle doing for myself (isn’t that always the way?!).”

Susie Jackson, Pricing Mentor

Susie Jackson

“I have grown in confidence in myself as a business owner, and particularly in my confidence financially. My biggest a-ha moment was realising that it IS possible for me to break through the profit ceiling I had imagined for myself!”

Georgia Gray, Voice Teacher

Let's work less & earn more

Two options depending on what support you want

Option One

  • Five live sessions teaching a mix of mindset and action
  • Audio affirmations and journal prompts to support mindset shifts
  • Templates and resources to take action each week
  • Four group co-working sessions to put what you’re learning into action
  • A month of access to my A Little Bit More programme
  • A Q&A a month after the course finishes

4 instalments of £62 OR 2 instalments of £125 OR

1 payment of £245

Option Two

  • All of the above plus
  • Nine weeks of 121 support and feedback through weekly Voxer office hours 
  • The Boundaries Bundle full of templates to set boundaries everywhere immediately


6 instalments of £75 OR 4 instalments of £115 OR

2 instalments of £225 OR One payment of £445

Questions answered

We will start on Tuesday 3rd May because of the Monday Bank Holiday, but after that we’ll get together every Monday until 4th July at 10.30am for 90 minutes. One week will be a lesson, the next week will be a co-working session. We’ll also have a reunion and Q&A session a month later at the start of August.

You’ll get access to a password-protected page on my website with all of the replays, slides, audio affirmation tracks and templates. You’ll also get an email after each lesson with links to take you there.

No, you have to figure out what pricing is right for you. What I’ll give you is a process and formula to decide what they should be. I’m no dictator – I want you to be able to make these decisions for yourself chum.

Each lesson and co-working session will be 90 minutes. After each lesson you’ll have a short to-do list – you can do this work during the co-working session or in your own time. 

So if you go for Option Two, you’ll get my Boundaries Bundle as part of the course, as well as 121 support from me throughout the nine weeks. We’ll have a space on Voxer (like WhatsApp, but separate – #boundaries), where I’ll have weekly office hours every Tuesday. So you can message asking for advice, support, feedback and on Tuesdays throughout the course I’ll be there to give you all the support you need!