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my approach

My work is based on lived experience – my own and that of the 700-strong mad and sad club community – backed up by learning.

It’s evidence-based – I’ll work with you to gather anonymous insight from your people and apply that to our work.

I’ll be honest with you – after 11 years in communications, I am no shrinking violet.

I offer a range of options to support you in taking action on mental health at work – take a look below and book a free 15 minute call to discuss.

Do any of these scenarios look familiar to you? Book a free 15 minute call with me to find out if I can help you take practical action.

Build understanding

Are you unsure where to start when it comes to mental health at work?

Worrying that you don’t understand it from an ‘insiders perspective’?

Want to understand how to speak to and help your people?

Want a safe space to ask questions about this sensitive topic?

Start and continue conversations

Struggling to speak to someone you’re worried about?

Want to start a mental health awareness campaign?

Are you worried it will only live as long as an awareness week?

Unsure what language to use to be sensitive, but impactful?

Need to get buy in to invest in mental health?

Take action

Need to plan some manager training and not sure where to start?

Are you unsure what support you need to put in place for people struggling?

Need some advice on how to support a sustained return to work? 

Want to normalise the conversation around mental health?

Build an open culture

This is a key driver of staff trust and wellbeing, but it isn’t as simple as signing pledges or writing policies 

It takes time to shift culture

I help leaders tackle this with honest and practical advice and support

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Jo Hooper



You won’t find me on  Facebook as I find it has a negative impact on my mind and I’m an intermittent Twitter user, but please come chat, connect  or join the club on Instagram.

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