Let's work together


My mission is to help you live your one wild and precious life (thanks for that one Mary Oliver), your way.

I want you to be wildly free.

I do that by helping you make sure your needs are met in life and work, so that you’re free to want. Wildly.

Then I help you make those wants a reality.

I want you to be free from the rules that don’t really exist. Free from the expectations that aren’t for us. Free from the pressure to do what society and capitalism expect of us. Free from the expectation that we’ll be small, pliant, meek, kind.

Let’s get wildly free to shout our brilliance from the rooftops. Free to watch Harry Potter in our PJs on a Tuesday afternoon. Free to get the healthcare you want and need. Free to be ourselves without fear, without shame, without guilt, without oppression.

I’m here to help you run – or amble – towards your wild freedom.

Hi, I’m Jo 👋

An Edinburgh-based, cat loving, patriarchy denying, ableism fighting, child free by choice, rule-breaker.

I’m a freedom coach, a permission giver, a desire chaser, a cheerleader, a wilderness guide, a space holder, and a right wee rebel. 

I want to help you make sure your needs are met in life and work, so you’re free to go after your wildest wants.

Then I’ll help you turn those wants into reality.

Because I believe that by recognising we have choice, that we have the power to exercise those choices and give ourselves the things we want, comes freedom – whatever it looks like for you.


I work with anyone who feels a bit trapped by the confines of their current life, work, or the systems we reside within, and wants to feel more free.

The pals I work with may have spent years running from pain, and are ready instead to chase possibility. 

Maybe you’ve always felt, or even been labelled, as “different” in some way. You’re pushing up against something that doesn’t feel like it fits. Square peg, round hole feeling.

The people I love working with the most are the complicated ones. I bloody love complicated.

I primarily work with small business owners, freelancers, and other folks who are self-employed, though I’d be delighted to support  anyone who is in a position to make the transition into cultivating greater freedom in their life. 

In particular, I work with pals who have been in their business for a few years and are ready to thrive, rather than just survive.

I believe that to find – and live – wild freedom, there are three stages.

First, recognising – and believing that we have choice.

Secondly, exercising that choice to make sure our needs are met.

And when your needs are met, you’re free to want. To run – or amble – towards your wildly free life.

Imagine an acorn. A shiny little ball of possibility with that lovely frilly skirty bit. 

To become a strong, flourishing, bold oak tree it’s planted in the soil. It slowly sprouts and its tendrils find their way to the top of the soil. Then it bursts into the light, stretching its limbs towards the sun. Reaching, broadening, lifting, rooting. Free and wild.

That wee acorn is you. 

When you’re first planted, your mission – if you choose to accept it – is to recognise that you have choice. That those choices give you power.

Once you’ve accepted that you can start to reach for the surface and root downwards. This stage is you exercising your choices to meet your needs – in your life and work. You’re proving your power to yourself. This stage can feel hard.

Once you’ve broken ground – showed yourself it’s safe and possible to meet your needs – it’s time to go free.

To stretch towards the sun. To reach those limbs high, the roots deep. To grow bold, beautiful, proud, free.

And you get to choose what this looks like for you – your wild freedom.

Much of my work in the past has been focused on the under the soil time – the meeting your needs. But more and more, I’m moving towards my own wild freedom – in my own life and in the work I do to support others.

Here's how we can work together

You might want to start here

The basics of how to meet your needs in your business

A 90 minute training to walk you through my Heartwood Way method (it’s that tree there), which helps you:

🙌 Acknowledge and listen to your needs

🙌 Understand how you’re wired – the tendencies that tell you how you really want to work

🙌 Build each part of your business based on those needs & tendencies

🙌 Set your offers, your boundaries, your capacity and pricing and who you want to work with

Everything you need to set boundaries that give you your needs in your business

My Boundaries Bundle gives you pre-written wording for:

🙌 A boundaries highlight on Instagram

🙌 Copy for your website

🙌 Copy for your email footer and out of office

🙌 Quick fire responses 

heartwood way

This might be your next step


One off sessions

We can use this one hour session to:

✨Assess where your needs are and aren’t being met right now

✨Identify some actions to take to change that

✨Give you a wee reminder that you can do this

Untangle Day of Voxer coaching

This is for you, if:

💃You love WhatsApp voice noting or messaging pals

💃You think by bouncing things off another person

💃You want me to give you feedback on something (how & where you’re setting your boundaries, for example)

💃You’d like to go a wee bit deeper than an hour will allow us

Do you want some in person magic?

Then my Coven Days are for you

I’ll come to you (normally we’ll come together in a lovely hotel or at your home) and we’ll work our collective magic.

Through exploration, coaching, inspiration from the cards, poetry, prose and history, we’ll figure out how to bring more freedom, happiness and power into your life and work.

These days are super special and unfold naturally based on what you need.

There’s no formula, no set structure, I just figure out what you need when we’re together. 

It really is magic.

Lovely Laura said about our Coven:

“For me, it felt like a friend coming to listen and understand what I and my business needed. I felt hear, understood and loved. Jo came with an open mind and heart and the day just flowed naturally until she was able to intuitively know what I needed.

A month later I am still feeling and seeing the effects of Jo’s magic! I feel a calm certainty that things are moving forward as they should. Jo gave me a clear framework of what to do and I feel comforted and supported knowing i have this to work from each day.”

If you’re ready to go deeper, to run, wander, meander, amble towards your wildly free life, let’s do it proper

Over three or six months together, I will support and guide you through my three stages to wild freedom (y’know, the acorn thing – more on that below).

I’ll remind you that you are powerful. That you are safe to want. And help you give yourself those wants in your work and life.

You’ll get:

💥Guided exploration questions

💥A 90 min session to start us off (or two 45 minute sessions within one week for my neurospicy pals)

💥10 one hour video sessions in the six month package; 5 one hour sessions in the three month package

💥All of my audio affirmation tracks

💥Free access to my workshops and classes

💥30% off my Boundaries Bundle

💥Free access to Your Wild Year

💥Access to my six-monthly meet ups in Edinburgh for client pals


SIX MONTH PACKAGE: £600 per month or £400 per month if you spread the cost over 9 months.

THREE MONTH PACKAGE: £700 per month or £350 per month if you spread the cost over 6 months.

~ if you opt for the three month package and then choose to extend our work, you’ll pay £400/month for the package extension, so it works out the same cost as if you booked the 6 month package to start with ~

Here’s an idea of how that deep work could look

Stage One: Recognition of choice

This stage is all about working through the rules you feel you have to live and work by and cutting the cords that bind you to them.

Using a mix of new beliefs and behaviours, we’ll shed those rules – that aren’t real rules in the first place – and start to build the evidence that you have choice.

More choice than you think you do.

Stage Two: Choosing to meet our own needs

If I am working with clients in this stage of business and life, we focus primarily on ensuring their needs are met and their work is sustainable and supportive of themselves and their needs. To do this, I use a framework I created called The Heartwood Way. 

Using The Heartwood Way I guide my clients through a process of building their business in a way that meets their needs, is sustainable and builds their self-respect. 

This approach flips much of the traditional business wisdom on its head. Instead of starting with the customer, we start with ourselves, and our needs, to ensure our work is sustainable and meets our needs.

Stage Three: Finding, defining, choosing our Wildly Free life and work

In this stage, we’ve given ourselves the evidence that we have choice. That the exercise of that choice gives us power. 

In choosing to meet our needs, we’re now free to run – or amble – towards our wants. Our wildly free life.

In this stage of our work together, I support my clients to identify what they really want for their one wild and precious life. 

We get clear on that vision so it can serve as a lighthouse, something we can walk toward instead of defaulting back into the version of our lives confined by those threads that bind us to the rules. 

In particular, we identify what their version of freedom is. Then we start experimenting with how we can make that real, we get into the tangible elements of how to meet both their needs and their desires. 

I know this work  is deep, personalized, wildly accepting, judgment free, safe, and open. I reverently hold the sacred container that exists between myself and my clients. 

This journey, and this work, is not linear. In fact, it is usually pretty deep, and wide, and stormy. I am along for that ride, and the winding path of this work, wherever it leads us.