helping you work in a way that works for you

Work hard, you’ll get results. 

But does work really have to be hard? Does it have to keep you up at night, have you working insane hours, constantly checking your emails, dreading it on a Monday morning?

Does it have to send you round the twist?

I don’t think so. 

I’ve found a way to work that helps me manage my mental health AND thrive at work.

I’d love to help you figure out a way that works for you too.

Here’s how I can help…

Eight Weeks of Space

Group mentoring programme open until Friday 12th June.

Understand your needs – build a business that honours them – make money with ease

stuff that helps

A collection of guides, workshops and tools that can help you take the first steps.

I’ll help you set boundaries; reflect and change things to help you reduce overwhelm and anxiety at work.

This also includes my new free guide to using a Mental Health Action Plan.

This stuff is for you if you need an affordable way to start to make changes to the way you work to support your mind.

We can make your business work for you

My transformative group mentoring programme – Four Weeks of Space – starts again in late June. 

Join the intensive two month group programme to make your business support your health and happiness, not undermine it.

mental health at work mentoring

Things at work feel off. Out of kilter. Overwhelming.

Anxiety inducing.

I’m here to give you a second to take a breath; space to think about what isn’t working; support to figure out how you can change that; the confidence to ask for what you need.

Sound good? 

ACE. Read on pal…

this is right for you if

  • You have anxiety, depression, persistent stress, have experienced burn out or are worried you’re heading that way
  • You’re probably learning how to manage your mental health, but you’re struggling to manage it at work
  • You’ll probably have already got the medical support you need, but your therapist or Dr isn’t able to help you figure out how to manage your mind at work
  • Maybe your boss or HR team are asking you what support you need at work to help you manage your mental health and you’re just not sure
  • Or maybe you run your own business and you’re not sure how to run your business in a way that doesn’t feel overwhelming
  • You don’t want to give up on work because of your mental health, but you’re just not sure how or what to change about work to help you thrive
  • Maybe you’ve taken some time off for your mental health and you’re feeling a bit sick about going back
  • Perhaps you feel like there is no separation or balance between work and life and you need to put some new boundaries in place

my promise

  • I will be that friend who gets it, but also gives you practical advice and support – a warm hug and then a gentle shove in the right direction, while holding your hand on the way 
  • After each session, I’ll share notes, actions and resources with you that get you thinking and help you put what you’ve discovered into action
  • I’ll give you a safe, confidential space to take a breath, slow that madly churning brain and figure out some practical steps to help you manage your mind at work
  • We will agree up front the boundaries of our work together, so you feel comfortable with what we’ll focus on and try to achieve
  • I won’t pretend to be your therapist, counsellor or Dr and if I think you need support I can’t provide, I will tell you, lovingly but honestly and point you in the direction of where you can get it
  • I will have regular supervision with a qualified therapist and counsellor to make sure that I am sticking to the practical support and advice, rather than therapy techniques – don’t worry, all of my discussions with my supervisor will be totally anonymised

What some dreamy people have said about working with me

Inhale session

  • A one hour session together
  • Online – audio or video – it’s up to you!
  • We’ll focus on one particular issue – maybe that’s setting some strong work boundaries; getting clear on your expectations of your team/clients; or freeing up some brain space and time for what you love
  • I’ll be totally honest with you, help you unpick the issues and give you practical advice to improve things
  • Notes, actions and resources to get the wheels of change in motion

Your investment: £120

Breathing Space

  • Three x one hour sessions together
  • I’ll guide you through a reflective practice to figure out what’s not working for you at the moment and what’s underneath that (spoiler – generally fear of some sort!)
  • We’ll look at your relationship with work, your boundaries, the role work plays in your life
  • After each session, you will get notes, actions and resources to help you to shift things straight away
  • By the end of our sessions, you will have a clear plan to help you manage your mental health at work and thrive

Your investment: £345 – in one or three instalments

want to chat to see if this is right for you?

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