Dedicate time to yourself at each turn of the Wheel of the Year

I want us to have moments to ourselves throughout the year.

Moments where we can connect with the ancient rhythms of land, light, life.

But this is more than that.

It’s reclaiming, re-accepting some of the power we held before society was so deeply, inherently patriarchal (ableist, racist, oppressive).

It’s remembering the deep, ancient power of the feminine (from before that was a dirty word).

Let's reclaim our power together.

Our year together

We will follow the ancient Wheel of the Year, which has been observed by our ancestors across the globe since the earliest times. I have taken inspiration from the Celtic interpretation of the wheel and created moments for us over the next year where we can gather online to dedicate time to ourselves and our inner world, as we observe and connect to nature’s cycles.

Yule - Winter Solstice

This is a time of deep rest and renewal – contrary to our modern world’s interpretation of this time! 

You’ll receive a video guide to this season with several ideas for rituals you can hold quietly at home to give yourself quiet, calm, rest and contemplation of the light to come.

Imbolc - Spring begins

As the Earth is ripe with life, we will gather for a candlelit ritual to consider what bounty we are open to this year.

Reflecting the three aspects of the Goddess Brighid, we will use tarot and oracle cards to help us consider what inspiration, healing and forging we are calling in. 

I will have a selection of decks to choose from, or you can use your own.

4pm Wednesday 1st February

Ostara - Spring Equinox

As the Earth is cloaking herself in greenery, blossoms are starting to show and the dawn chorus is gaining strength, we will gather to consider what’s ready to bloom within us.

We will burn incense to cleanse our space and mind and pull cards to help us reflect on the balance of what we’re receiving from the world and what we’re giving

Our hearts will tell us if this is in balance.

4pm Wednesday 22nd March

Beltane - May Day

At this time of celebration of the union of god and goddess, intellect and intuition, we will gather for a guided visualisation.

We will use the sacred hawthorn tree to guide us and reveal what strength we can draw from our roots in the earth as well as what we can absorb from the sun.

We will seek the goddess within and consider what divinity we want to bring into our physical world.

3pm Friday 28th April

Litha - Summer Solstice

The longest day, the sun at it’s height, the earth filled with sunshine, life and abundance.

At this moment we will gather to pause. To be. To focus purely on the now.

Reflecting the power of the sun at Midsummer, we will anchor into the abundance and potential of this moment in our lives.

We know that the sun will fade as the Wheel of the Year continues to turn, but we won’t let it draw our focus away from the light of this moment.

4pm Wednesday 21st June

Lughnasadh - First Harvest

At this time of the first fruits, the swaying barley, the warm summer sun, we will gather.

To mark our own personal harvest, we will create a roll of achievements – emotional, spiritual, healing and practical.

We will also consider what seeds we want to gather in our lives to become the harvest of the future.

This is a time to feel the sun on our faces and take pride in the work that’s brought us here, as well as looking ahead to future harvests.

4pm Wednesday 2nd August

Autumn Equinox

At this time of equal light and darkness, when we’re on the precipice of a shift towards the dreaming time of Winter, we will gather to reflect.

Sasha Glasgow of Frank + Feel will join us to guide us through a reflective journaling session.

As Mother Earth prepares for the hibernation of Winter, we notice that with the darker night skies, the stars appear brighter. 

7pm Wednesday 20th September

Samhain - The Celtic year end & beginning

To our ancestors, all life begins with darkness. So this is a time of the end of the year shifting imperceptibly into the start of a new year.

At this time, we will gather to release that which will restore balance to our lives and prepare us for the Winter. 

We will reflect on the balance we want to hold this Winter. The balance between light & dark; head & heart; too much & too little; practical & spiritual.

4pm Tuesday 31st October

Hi, I'm Jo ✨✨

I’ll be inexpertly guiding you through the turns of the Wheel of the Year.

I live in the ancient city of Edinburgh and feel deeply connected to this place.

I’m Pagan-curious, but not a Pagan. I’m deeply interested in Celtic history and the role of women in the pre-Christian world, but certainly not an expert!

I want to help you find freedom. Choice. Power. And listening to the ancient whispers of power throughout the Wheel of the Year can help us in that.

I’ve taken inspiration from my own research to create these eight moments that we can take for ourselves as the Wheel turns.

Join us

Join us to be held in your exploring, pondering, reflecting, connecting from Yule to Samhain.

You’ll get access to the seven live sessions (all will be recorded), as well as the video introduction and invitation to hold your own ritual for Yule this year.

There will be other wee goodies along the way too.

Three payments of £45, each three months apart.

So, if you sign up in November, your payments will be in November, February and May.

If you sign up in December, your payments will be in December, March and June.

Your Wild Year closes on Friday 9th December